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jQuery tutorial for beginners

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JavaScript with ASP.NET

  1. What is jQuery | Slides
  2. What is $(document).ready(function() in jquery | Slides
  3. Benefits of using CDN | Slides
  4. jQuery #id selector | Slides
  5. jQuery Element Selector | Slides
  6. jQuery class selector | Slides
  7. jQuery attribute selector | Slides
  8. jQuery attribute value selectors | Slides
  9. jQuery case insensitive attribute selector | Slides
  10. jQuery input vs input | Slides
  11. jQuery checked selector | Slides
  12. Select values of checkbox group with jquery | Slides
  13. jQuery get selected checkbox text | Slides
  14. jQuery selected selector | Slides
  15. jQuery disabled selector | Slides
  16. jQuery each function | Slides
  17. jQuery method chaining | Slides
  18. What is JSON | Slides
  19. Convert JSON object to string | Slides
  20. Convert JSON string to .net object | Slides
  21. jQuery DOM manipulation methods | Slides
  22. jQuery wrap elements | Slides
  23. jQuery append elements | Slides
  24. jQuery insert element before and after | Slides
  25. jQuery add or remove class | Slides
  26. Difference between $.each and .each | Slides
  27. jQuery map method | Slides
  28. Difference between each and map in jquery | Slides
  29. jQuery change event | Slides
  30. jQuery mouse events | Slides
  31. jQuery event object | Slides
  32. jQuery to detect which mouse button clicked | Slides
  33. Binding event handlers in jquery | Slides
  34. Binding event handlers using jquery on method | Slides
  35. Passing data to event handler in jQuery | Slides
  36. How to add event handlers to dynamically created elements | Slides
  37. jQuery event delegation | Slides
  38. jQuery live function | Slides
  39. jquery execute event only once | Slides
  40. jQuery how to check if event is already bound | Slides
  41. jQuery preventdefault | Slides
  42. jQuery scroll event | Slides
  43. jQuery image gallery | Slides
  44. Optimise jQuery image gallery | Slides
  45. jquery image slideshow with thumbnails | Slides
  46. jquery animate function | Slides
  47. jquery animation queue | Slides
  48. Simple jquery progress bar | Slides
  49. optimize jquery progress bar | Slides
  50. jquery show hide password | Slides
  51. Increase decrease font size using jquery | Slides
  52. jQuery floating div | Slides
  53. jQuery ajax load | Slides
  54. jquery ajax load aspx page | Slides
  55. jquery load callback function | Slides
  56. jquery ajax get function | Slides
  57. load json data using jquery ajax | Slides
  58. jquery ajax get xml data | Slides
  59. jquery make a post request | Slides
  60. jquery ajax method | Slides
  61. Calling web services using jquery ajax | Slides
  62. Handling json data returned from web services | Slides
  63. Handling json arrays returned from web services with jquery | Slides
  64. Save data using web services and jquery ajax | Slides
  65. Check if username exists in database with ajax | Slides
  66. How to suggest available username | Slides
  67. Calling aspx page method using jquery | Slides
  68. How to call wcf service using jquery | Slides
  69. Difference between window height and document height | Slides
  70. Load data on page scroll using jquery | Slides
  71. Calling live json web service using jquery ajax | Slides
  72. Autocomplete textbox using jquery in | Slides
  73. Autocomplete textbox using jquery and web service | Slides
  74. jQuery accordion in | Slides
  75. jQuery accordion using repeater control | Slides
  76. jQuery tabs in | Slides
  77. jQuery datepicker in | Slides
  78. jQuery slider in | Slides
  79. jquery multiple sliders on page | Slides
  80. jquery range slider | Slides
  81. jquery tooltip widget | Slides
  82. jquery tooltip from database | Slides
  83. jquery ui progress bar | Slides
  84. multiple file upload with progress bar | Slides
  85. jquery menu widget | Slides
  86. jQuery dynamic menu from database in | Slides
  87. jQuery selectmenu widget | Slides
  88. jQuery selectmenu from database | Slides
  89. jquery dialog widget | Slides
  90. jquery dialog save to database | Slides
  91. jquery button widget | Slides
  92. jquery draggable widget | Slides
  93. Draggable element on top | Slides
  94. jquery droppable widget | Slides
  95. Customizing droppable widget | Slides
  96. jQuery Resizable Widget | Slides
  97. jQuery selectable widget | Slides
  98. jQuery selectable filter | Slides
  99. jQuery sortable widget | Slides
  100. jQuery sortable from database | Slides
  101. jquery background color animate | Slides
  102. jQuery class transition animation | Slides
  103. jQuery autocomplete with images and text | Slides
  104. Cascading dropdownlist using jquery and | Slides
  105. jQuery datatables plugin | Slides
  106. jQuery datatables get data from database table | Slides
  107. jQuery datatables individual column search | Slides
  108. jQuery datatable show hide columns | Slides
  109. jQuery datatables stored procedure for paging sorting and searching | Slides
  110. generic handler return json | Slides
  111. jQuery datatables server-side processing example | Slides
  112. jQuery datatables server-side processing using web services | Slides
  113. jQuery datatables export to PDF | Slides


  1. Hi Venkat, I am C# developer your videos are very much useful and nobody else can teach like you.Do you have any plans for WPF sessions?Please upload WPF videos as well I am eagerly waiting for WPF sessions.

    1. I am a Asp.Net developer and i learnt a lot from your tutorial.Ur teaching is just outstanding
      Thank you sir god bless you

  2. Swathi i am also agree with you.sir Venkat your way of teaching is outstanding.

  3. In this fast paced technology world it is so hard to be on top of every single technology that comes in our way. And your videos simply make anyone comfortable within a weekend. I appreciate all your efforts keeping things tightly integrated so that there is always a reference for what we are learning up to now. Outstanding presentation which the higher standard uni's also wont present.

  4. Please keep uploading jqery videos and also add wpf videos

  5. Sir please can you upload design patterns videos

  6. Hi Venkat,
    please discuss Multiple Selector,First child selector,last child selector and nth child selector

  7. Many Thanks Kud.
    Please share any Medium level project step by step for those they do not have real scenario working experience.
    We'r waiting this last long time?

  8. Hi venkat sir. we got somuch from u and enjoying learing inthisway ,but now its time to give us real essence of how to used this concept and technology in realtime project.. step by step inany medium level project.this the utmost need of aspirant who are mainly depend on you.please give high priority to this ..

  9. Pls create one step by step real working sceniro project for those, they not have working exp and want move on MNC company, pls do somthing.

  10. You are doing outstanding job. Because of your hard work, I got the offer letter. Thank you so much. God gives you all the happiness. Could you make a videoes on real time application based on MVC and WCF?

    1. Approach They may take you class for you.

  11. Sir so many thanks to u as its not an easy task those people who are running their own coaching institute ......but your effort for people who are not able to get training as the cost of training now a days very high . but if you really doing so for poor people then u need to familiar those people by making video on real time project so they don't require to go for any training institute for getting only the project purpose as in final semester student need to submit the project......Please make video on a real time project.

  12. And Please make a video series on Crystel Report........

  13. I just want to say Thank you very much .I learnt and still learning C# from your video and also get a good teach as simple as it can be and in very effective manner so thank you again and again .

  14. Dear Vankat
    I was surprise of your methodology and illustration is is ow-some and pretty to understand
    it is my humble request, kindly up load a series of WPF it is very hard to wait for me as you are a favourt my tutor

  15. hi .I want to say Thank you very much and please can you tell me what is the next course ???

  16. thank you for sharing these great tutorials.

    What jquery wysiwyg html editor do you recommend to use with AspNet applications.

  17. No words to praise Venkat sir you are outstanding,thank you very much.

  18. Hi, Venkat sir thanks for the video but why you implemented jquery later videos using webservices why not wcf as it is more updated

  19. Hi Venkat
    as i feel you should make 1 or 2 video's on how we can use jquery on Gridview and use Jquery concept in Gridview as i was refer-ing an article "how we can insert data in gridview without refrshing the gridview "but i did not get the concept of that article that's why i am writing to you.

  20. Hello Sir, first of all thanks for your great contribution to IT Industry.Your videos are simply amazing.Can you please upload videos on "windows azure mobile services".

  21. Sir please dicuss jQuery Star Rating Plugin to give rating to any product and saving the rating in database

  22. sir please explain Creating an Action column for icons View - Edit - Delete ...

  23. Hi, Venkat. You are doing an outstanding job. I have 8 year experience in software field. But I am new to Javascript, jQUERY and MVC. Your teaching is excellent. I love the pace and your thoroughnesss. Your gift as a teacher is that you know exactly what to teach. Thats what makes you special.
    If I have to nitpick, my only suggestion is briefly explain before the start of each series, what you are going to teach in the series, and what the student gets out of the series. But no biggie. For the service you are doing, none can complain.

  24. how i can select element inside the iframe, plz make some video or give me some suggestion, i am really need it , i am also search it in google but did found.

  25. Dear Venkat Sir,
    I want to say you are a very good teacher.Today i got offer from 3 companies hp, atos ,sapient.All the credit goes to you and your videos.Sir plzz do a video on unit testing.Coz wats the point of learning all hings if we dont know unit testing properly

  26. Dear Venkat Sir,
    I want to say you are a very good teacher.Today .And your videos are excellent ,Sir please do a video on Design Pattern. BCoz Almost all interview asking regarding design pattern .

  27. Dear Sir,
    Master Class Coding & Master Class Explanation. My life is going with your tutorials only sir.

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    Please upload video on $boostraptable.

  29. Dear Sir,

    Video's provided by you is outstanding. Thank you very much for such fantastic training video tutorials.

  30. Sir,
    Can You Please Upload A Video That How To Load Json File Using Jquery.
    'Coz I Am Getting Trouble How To Pass Url Of JSON File In Ajax Method Or If Any One Knows Than Help Me

  31. Please Upload Videos on ReactJS

  32. Venkat I Had followed along your Jquery And was pretty impressed with your Indepth knowledge. Thankyou for this great effort on your part.

  33. Hi your videos are very useful. I gain Knowledge from your videos its easy way to understand. if it possible send some more videos???????
    Thank you venkat

  34. Node js ..and Angular 2 plz upload videos ..

  35. Very helpful and Clear Tutorials. Simply the Best. Keep up the good work sir Kudvenkat! Edwin Poq.

  36. Dear Sir
    I want to ask some thing
    How to Consume Webservices on master page due to I want Notification in all page.

  37. Hello Sir,

    Your doing awesome ...
    I want you just say "warmly thanks"
    Keep doing... :)

  38. Sir plz make videos on SignalR

  39. Here all content so useful and helpful for beginner and experience both.This site is so amazing,This sites gives good knowledge of Jquery.This is very helpful for me.


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