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ASP.NET Slides


  1. Hello Sir,
    Please upload remaining slides of ASP.NET.
    Thank You.

  2. Hey Venkat,

    I dont have enough words to thank you man, it was a great job, and your way of explaining it was perfect at least for me, i recommended your tutorials to many people I know, may god bless you...

    thanks again,
    Ahmad A.

  3. Hello sir,
    I did my AdRotator application according to how you did yours, but it flagged error that it cannot locate the file AdsData.xml.
    Kindly send me necessary help.

    Am working on VS 2012

  4. Hi Sir ,I want store Image which Captured from Web ,How Can i Store?

  5. Thank you Venkat, I cant thank you more

  6. Sir, I am speechless for the great tutorials and professional docs..


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