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ASP.NET Core Tutorial for Beginners

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  1. ASP.NET Core Tutorial | Text | Slides
  2. Setting up machine for core development | Text | Slides
  3. Creating core web application | Text | Slides
  4. ASP.NET core project file | Text | Slides
  5. Main method in core | Text | Slides
  6. ASP.NET Core in process hosting | Text | Slides
  7. ASP.NET Core out of process hosting | Text | Slides
  8. ASP.NET Core launchsettings.json file | Text | Slides
  9. ASP.NET Core appsettings.json file | Text | Slides
  10. Middleware in ASP.NET Core | Text | Slides
  11. Configure ASP.NET Core request processing pipeline | Text | Slides
  12. Static Files in ASP.NET Core | Text | Slides
  13. ASP.NET Core developer exception page | Text | Slides
  14. ASP.NET Core Environment Variables | Text | Slides
  15. ASP.NET Core MVC tutorial | Text | Slides
  16. Setup MVC in ASP.NET | Text | Slides
  17. ASP.NET Core AddMvc vs AddMvcCore | Text | Slides
  18. Model in ASP.NET Core MVC | Text | Slides
  19. ASP.NET Core dependency injection tutorial | Text | Slides
  20. Controller in ASP.NET Core MVC | Text | Slides
  21. Views in ASP.NET Core MVC | Text | Slides
  22. Customize view discovery in core mvc | Text | Slides
  23. Passing data to view in ASP.NET Core MVC | Text | Slides
  24. ViewBag in ASP.NET Core MVC | Text | Slides
  25. Strongly Typed View in ASP.NET Core MVC | Text | Slides
  26. ViewModel in ASP.NET Core MVC | Text | Slides
  27. List view in core mvc | Text | Slides
  28. Layout view in core mvc | Text | Slides
  29. Sections in layout page in ASP.NET Core MVC | Text | Slides
  30. _ViewStart.cshtml in ASP.NET Core MVC | Text | Slides
  31. _ViewImports.cshtml in ASP.NET Core MVC | Text | Slides
  32. Routing in ASP.NET Core MVC | Text | Slides
  33. Attribute Routing in ASP NET Core MVC | Text | Slides
  34. Install and use Bootstrap in ASP.NET Core | Text | Slides
  35. Tag helpers in core | Text | Slides
  36. Why use tag helpers | Text | Slides
  37. ASP.NET Core Image tag helper | Text | Slides
  38. ASP.NET Core Environment Tag Helper | Text | Slides
  39. Bootstrap navigation menu in core application | Text | Slides
  40. Form tag helpers in core | Text | Slides
  41. ASP.NET Core Model Binding | Text | Slides
  42. ASP.NET Core model validation | Text | Slides
  43. Select list validation in core | Text | Slides
  44. AddSingleton vs AddScoped vs AddTransient | Text | Slides
  45. Introduction to entity framework core | Text | Slides
  46. Install entity framework core in visual studio | Text | Slides
  47. DbContext in entity framework core | Text | Slides
  48. Using sql server with entity framework core | Text | Slides
  49. Repository pattern in core | Text | Slides
  50. Entity framework core migrations | Text | Slides
  51. Entity framework core seed data | Text | Slides
  52. Keeping domain models and database schema in sync in core | Text | Slides
  53. File upload in asp net.core mvc | Text | Slides
  54. Upload multiple files in core mvc | Text | Slides
  55. Edit view in core mvc | Text | Slides
  56. httppost edit action in core mvc | Text | Slides
  57. Handling 404 not found in core mvc | Text | Slides
  58. Centralised 404 error handling in ASP.NET Core | Text | Slides
  59. UseStatusCodePagesWithRedirects vs UseStatusCodePagesWithReExecute | Text | Slides
  60. Global exception handling in core mvc | Text | Slides
  61. Logging in ASP.NET Core | Text | Slides
  62. Logging exceptions in ASP.NET Core | Text | Slides
  63. Logging to file in core using nlog | Text | Slides
  64. ASP.NET Core LogLevel configuration | Text | Slides
  65. ASP.NET Core Identity tutorial from scratch | Text | Slides
  66. Register new user using core identity | Text | Slides
  67. ASP.NET Core Identity UserManager and SignInManager | Text | Slides
  68. ASP.NET core identity password complexity | Text | Slides
  69. Show or hide login and logout links based on login status in core | Text | Slides
  70. Implementing login functionality in core | Text | Slides
  71. Authorization in ASP.NET Core | Text | Slides
  72. Redirect user to original url after login in core | Text | Slides
  73. Open redirect vulnerability example | Text | Slides


  1. Venkat sir, you are an amazing teacher! can't describe in words!! Thank you very much for your help and looking forward for the rest of the videos :)

  2. Venkat sir please upload core videos ASAP

  3. Venkat, Great detail.You made it clear to me how the middleware pipeline works. Also at some point show what happens when middlewares are added in the wrong order .Thanks again.

  4. Venkat,
    Which is better to use app.UseExceptionHandler("/Home/Error"); or app.UseStatusCodePagesWithRedirects("/Home/Error/{0}"); in Production?

    Also I am confused about use of Try/Catch blocks and Status Codes like NotFound, etc and where to use each?
    Thanks for your help.

  5. Venkat, Is there a way to know when to add a service to ConfigureServices before using it in the Configure Method? Exceptions is one way, but is there an easier way. Also is there a list of MIddleWares and Services for the core?

  6. What is TempData used for?

  7. Kudvenkat is simply the BEST instructor on the Internet. Whenever I have a problem understanding a programming concept, I always check if Kudvenkat has a video explaining that particular concept. The guy is simply amazing.

  8. Venkat, Great detail. You are giving amazing explanation about each and every concept.

  9. Sir,I am very new to Microsoft web technologies.Do I need to learn ASP.NET to learn ASP.NET Core?And other requirements to learn these technologies.Please help me sir.Now I am learning c# taught by you and thank for this.

  10. Sir, I usually put on webforms load procedure
    which is needed for real time data.
    Response.CacheControl = "no-cache"
    Response.AddHeader("Pragma", "no-cache")
    Response.Expires = -1
    How can I translate this to ASP.NET Core?
    Will this break the asp helper Image tag versioning?

  11. Sir, How do I save strings such as "HR", "Paroll" to the database using Select helper tag instead of saving integers?

  12. Very nice Sir, Would you know if EF supports oracle database?. My organization uses Oracle database and I am testing core with System.Data.OracleClient which is Old.Is there ODAC that works with EF? I have legacy tables.

  13. Amazing tutor building up careers of many people in the field of technology.
    Thank you!!

  14. you are a great person
    thanks for all of you
    thank you venkat & mohammed arafeh

  15. 1)How can I use LDAP with ASP.NET Core Identity? In webforms, we usually add LDAP connection string to web.config and then just use the LogIn control.
    2) For applications that are using single sign on like CAS , How can I configure core application to use existing CAS or SAML. ?
    Thanks Venkat, Great job.


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