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ASP.NET Core Tutorial for Beginners

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  1. ASP.NET Core Tutorial | Text | Slides
  2. Setting up machine for core development | Text | Slides
  3. Creating core web application | Text | Slides
  4. ASP.NET core project file | Text | Slides
  5. Main method in core | Text | Slides
  6. ASP.NET Core in process hosting | Text | Slides
  7. ASP.NET Core out of process hosting | Text | Slides
  8. ASP.NET Core launchsettings.json file | Text | Slides
  9. ASP.NET Core appsettings.json file | Text | Slides
  10. Middleware in ASP.NET Core | Text | Slides
  11. Configure ASP.NET Core request processing pipeline | Text | Slides
  12. Static Files in ASP.NET Core | Text | Slides
  13. ASP.NET Core developer exception page | Text | Slides
  14. ASP.NET Core Environment Variables | Text | Slides
  15. ASP.NET Core MVC tutorial | Text | Slides
  16. Setup MVC in ASP.NET | Text | Slides
  17. ASP.NET Core AddMvc vs AddMvcCore | Text | Slides


  1. Venkat sir, you are an amazing teacher! can't describe in words!! Thank you very much for your help and looking forward for the rest of the videos :)

  2. Venkat sir please upload core videos ASAP

  3. Venkat, Great detail.You made it clear to me how the middleware pipeline works. Also at some point show what happens when middlewares are added in the wrong order .Thanks again.

  4. Venkat,
    Which is better to use app.UseExceptionHandler("/Home/Error"); or app.UseStatusCodePagesWithRedirects("/Home/Error/{0}"); in Production?

    Also I am confused about use of Try/Catch blocks and Status Codes like NotFound, etc and where to use each?
    Thanks for your help.

  5. Venkat, Is there a way to know when to add a service to ConfigureServices before using it in the Configure Method? Exceptions is one way, but is there an easier way. Also is there a list of MIddleWares and Services for the core?


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