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Dot Net Basics Slides


  1. First of All Thank You very Much For All Ur efforts and Providing Excellents Skills To US...
    Sir Can U please Upload Naming Conventions in DotNet Progarmming

  2. sir plz explain case study about software.we want to know how to develop software correctly.

  3. Hello Sir,

    Can you please upload Part 2 - ILDASM – IL Disassembler ILASM – IL Assembler Slides again?


  4. sir please can u explain links between and c# and and jquery and with all .its going to be confusion its may be in tutorial format

  5. Hello everyone i am showing a webpage using Iframe i am also passing ID and Article from my gridview but now i want to show this webpage using POPUP window.How to do that. Please Help. Here is my code

    Iframe1.Attributes.Add("src", "Drawing2.aspx?ID=" + grdrow.Cells[1].Text + "&Article=" + grdrow.Cells[2].Text + "&testdrawing= kkk");

    Plz help..

  6. Its a great Platform to Learn .Net Technology. Thank you Sir for your effort.


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