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AngularJS tutorial for beginners

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  1. What is AngularJS | Slides
  2. Angular modules and controllers | Slides
  3. Controllers in AngularJS | Slides
  4. AngularJS ng-src directive | Slides
  5. Two way databinding in AngularJS | Slides
  6. AngularJS ng-repeat directive | Slides
  7. Handling events in AngularJS | Slides
  8. AngularJS filters | Slides
  9. Sorting data in AngularJS | Slides
  10. AngularJS sort rows by table header | Slides
  11. Search filter in AngularJS | Slides
  12. Angularjs filter by multiple properties | Slides
  13. Create a custom filter in AngularJS | Slides
  14. ng-hide and ng-show in AngularJS | Slides
  15. AngularJS ng-init directive | Slides
  16. ng-include directive in AngularJS | Slides
  17. Consuming ASP.NET Web Service in AngularJS using $http | Slides
  18. $http service in AngularJS | Slides
  19. AngularJS Services | Slides
  20. Create custom service in AngularJS | Slides
  21. AngularJS anchorscroll example | Slides
  22. Angular anchorscroll with database data | Slides
  23. AngularJS routing tutorial | Slides
  24. Angular layout template | Slides
  25. Angularjs partial templates | Slides
  26. AngularJS route configuration | Slides
  27. Remove # from URL AngularJS | Slides
  28. AngularJS default route | Slides
  29. AngularJS intellisense in visual studio | Slides
  30. AngularJS routeparams example | Slides
  31. AngularJS page refresh problem | Slides
  32. AngularJS controller as syntax | Slides
  33. Angular nested scopes and controller as syntax | Slides
  34. AngularJS controller as vs scope | Slides
  35. AngularJS caseInsensitiveMatch and Inline Templates | Slides
  36. AngularJS route reload | Slides
  37. Difference between $scope and $rootScope | Slides
  38. AngularJS cancel route change | Slides
  39. AngularJS route change events | Slides
  40. AngularJS optional url parameters | Slides
  41. AngularJS route resolve | Slides
  42. AngularJS ui-router tutorial | Slides
  43. AngularJS ui-router configuring states | Slides
  44. AngularJS ui router parameters | Slides
  45. AngularJS ui router optional parameters | Slides
  46. Case sensitivity with angularjs ui-router | Slides
  47. Angular ui router default route | Slides
  48. AngularJS ui router custom data | Slides
  49. AngularJS ui router html5mode | Slides
  50. ui router active state css | Slides
  51. angularjs ui-router nested views | Slides
  52. Angular ui router multiple named views | Slides
  53. Difference between ngroute and ui-router | Slides


  1. Venkut .you will work with database using ANGULARJS in future videos?????????

  2. Please Venkat add the topics to C# course which are necessary for Microsoft Certification (Programming in C#) like jagged arrays etc.Your tutorials are best I have ever seen on internet

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hi Venkat, thanks a lot for these videos series, may God bless you,
    i have a question : what will happen when user desable javascrit for web site build by angular JS

    1. You can only check if Javascript is working.

  4. Dear venkat sir

    even i am waiting for search,show and hide all facility which you taught in angular Js. i want with sql database in

  5. Dear Sir,

    How to insert,update and delete data with sql database, Angular js in


  7. Hay Venkat, going good. I hope in future you will add small angular appde demo using MVC and Database operations.


  8. Hi Venkat....
    After seeing all your videos everyone will become expert in .Net Technologies, You are giving life(Job opportunity) to all these job seekers..........
    Thank you very much for your efforts to prepare all these.......

  9. Hi Venkat sir,
    Thanks a lot for providing the videos. YOU are doing a great job. May god bless you. Can you please provide WEB API tutorials

  10. Sir thanks for these video but i would like to ask a question:Are these video of angular js is complete video list or still something left to come?

  11. Hi venkat ,
    Hats off for the dedication what u have towards the developer community.
    You are The Great Tutor

  12. May God bless You Sir.Please Make Video for us on WEB API

  13. Hi Venkat,
    Could you please upload the video "How to Fetch and display the images from sql database using Angular js "

  14. Please add login authentication video using angular js and design pattern such as angular material........

  15. Hello Sir,
    thank you for all the efforts. I want to ask if you are going to cover AngularJS version 2 topics ?

  16. Hi Sir, i have a query like how to set front-end ,admin pages using urlRouterProvider ??

  17. Thanks venkat for providing beautiful videos in .net

  18. Thanks sir for providing nice video's on angular js.Plesae share the videos on angular js with mvc

  19. hi venkat sir plz upload video related to angularJS factory and difference B/w service and factory.

  20. when will you upload the ANGULARJS 2.0? Plz upload soon

  21. hi venkat sir plz upload video related to angularJS factory and Services and difference B/w them. also need video on testing as u told in later video u wil explain about unit testing as well as end to end testing etc.. many videos are skipping in angularjs

  22. hi,your tutorial is extremely awesome and very easy to understand with very simple examples

  23. hi venkat sir plz upload video related to angularJS factory and Services and difference B/w them. also need video on testing as u told in later video u wil explain about unit testing as well as end to end testing etc.. many videos are skipping in angularjs

  24. hello sir, can you explain what is Dependency your very first tutorial you told that you will explain what is Dependency Injection but that tutorial is missing..

  25. Can you please do a video using CRUD operation in Angular JS using html.

  26. Hi Sir ,
    Pls upload video , how we fetch and DML operation database (SQLSERVER) from AngularJS.

  27. Hi Venkat,

    Could you please provide a video regarding Custom Directives in AngularJS and significance of Compile and Link functions for creating Custom Directives.

  28. Hi sir,
    i really appreciate your work and the passion towards the subject. I wish you will soon prepare AJS videos for I18N, pagenation, dynamic drop down, cascading drop down and upcoming features of AJS 2.0.

  29. Hi Venkat,
    Can you upload videos for details CRUD operation using all controls (eg textbox, checkbox, conbo box, date time picker etc etc) in Angular JS with SQL Server as database engine?

  30. Venkat you doing great year.. I had saw lot of videos for JS & Angular.. but the way you explain all the things in your video.. I got it after first time watch.. really gr8 work..

  31. Hi Venkat,

    Your way of explaining is very nice. If don't mind could you please provide some videos on custom directives, compile & link functions in AngularJS. I have gone through custom directives in the internet but still I am in the feeling of incomplete because those videos are not present in your list :-)

  32. Thank you sir,Video tutorial help me alot to understand AngularJS.Again thanks alot sir..

  33. Sir, Can you please provide video tutorials on Amgular 2? It would help us lot.

  34. Sir can you just explain those topics
    Emit and Broadcast
    digest cycle


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