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WCF Slides


  1. Sir, Please Upload the videos related to Design Pattern

    1. I too agree, venkat please upload videos for design patterns, you make the subject easy. want to learn from you.

    2. Sir, i am agree too. can you please upload design patterns? It helps me a lot.

  2. Hi can you provide the vedio of WCF Backward Compatibility and Versioning approach

  3. Hi, I have working experience in winform application and WPF application.and I want to switch to web application for that I went through around 10 authors but among all You are the best.I go through wcf Tutorial its so simple so that with in 15 days of time i can answer 80% of interview questions. but in some question I had no answers and didn't a suitable answer from google also like
    1. can we use classes for a service contract then why it is recommend to use interfaces.
    2. What are the sessions in wcf?(You had listed them only).
    3. what are the designing patterns we can implement in wcf.
    4. How can we call a WCF service Asynchronously.
    5. Can we call a wcf service with out posting back the whole page.

    Where can we use MSMQ binding

  4. Best Tutorials Ever.
    I am your huge fan Venkat.
    Thanks a lot for all the Video Tutorials.

    Mayank Kukadia

  5. Thanks for all your videos. You are an amazing teacher. Can you please upload design patterns and Nunit testing.


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