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ASP.NET Web API Tutorial for Beginners

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  1. Hi Venkat, Nice tutorials.. Thanks..
    Just a question though- Cross domain request/response solutions works better only if we have control over api source code..any workarounds do you know for the situation where we are invoking api which hosted by thirdparty for which we don't have control? I have a situation where i need to invoke payment authentication module from third party in an iframe..but I am struggling to get over cross-domain policy error.

    Ta satish

    1. Satish it can be done only on server side, third party service should allow your domain to make a call to theirs

  2. Hi Venkat,great i don't have words to define you.just again i thanks for your efforts from whole dot net community.
    i have a one request to you,
    Can you upload a quick session about Nlog and details session of attributes routing in web api and filters.
    Thank you

  3. Hi Venkat. I think your tutorial series have great educational value. Please add some stuff about proper implementation of the Repository Pattern, Unit of Work and Dependency Injection in Web API. Thank you

  4. sir please do some PayPal integration stuffs..please please.

  5. Action Filters in webapi pls sir

  6. Hi Venkat Sir, your tutorials are very good and is useful all types of developers.You are doing a great work for the knowledge of software developers.
    I have some questions regarding web api and angular js.

    1. how do we secure web pages in angularjs because using some mozilla fire bug and google chrome firebug we can see each line of code and can be hacked login page easily.

  7. Hi Venkat,
    Really Great!!! Very useful videos.
    Please upload videos on Design Patterns.

    Thnak You

  8. Please upload video on dependency injection in MVC

  9. Hi Sir, great videos. Please upload the videos for dependency injection, Design Pattern used in MVC....

  10. Hi Venkat,
    I really appreciate for all your videos, I have learned a lot from you and continue to learn more.
    Thank you kindly :-)

  11. Thanks Venkat for these tutorials..

  12. Can You Please Give Me a Direction On Upload Photo Using Web Api if You Can...Or You Can Upload Video

  13. Hi Sir,

    Could you please include active directory authentication?

  14. Nice tutorial
    can you submit source code with me, please



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