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Register application with facebook

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To integrate Facebook authentication in core application, we have to first register our application with Facebook and obtain AppId and AppSecret.

Register core application with Facebook

Step 1 : Log into

Step 2 : Click on My Apps dropdown and click Create App button

register app with facebook

Step 3 : Create a New App ID

Specify a display name for the client application. This is the name that is displayed on the consent screen. The email associated with your Facebook account is in the Contact Email textbox. Click Create App ID button to create the app.

register your app with facebook

Step 4 : Click Setup button the Facebook Login product

register app facebook developer

Step 5 : Click on the Settings tab under Facebook Login on the left navigation menu

facebook create oauth app

Step 6 : Enable Client OAuth Login. 

Also specify Valid OAuth Redirect URI. This is the URI at which your application is hosted. To this URI append that path segment /signin-facebook. Finally click Save Changes.

facebook login client oauth settings

Step 7 : On the left navigaton menu, click on the Basic tab under Settings to obtain App ID and App Secret

facebook app id and app secret

We need this App ID and App Secret to integrate Facebook authentication in our core application. core tutorial for beginners

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