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Create google oauth credentials - Client Id and Client Secret

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To be able to integrate and use google authentication in core application, we have to first register our application with google. In this video we will discuss how to register our application with google and obtain OAuth 2.0 credentials i.e the Client ID and Client Secret.

Navigate to the following website and login with your google credentials

Step 1 : Create a project if you do not have one already

google console create project

Click on Select a project dropdownlist and then, click New Project link in the popup window that appears. Give your project a meaningful name and then click Create. It takes a few seconds to create the project.

Step 2 : Enable Google+ API

Click on the Library tab on the left and search for Googleplus API and enable it.

enable google plus api

Step 3 : Configure OAuth consent screen

Click on the OAuth consent screen tab on the left. If you do not see OAuth consent screen tab, click on Google APIs banner image on the top left hand corner.

configure consent screen oauth google

On the OAuth consent screen, the only required field is the Application name. This is the name that will be shown to end users asking for their consent. 

If this is not entirely clear at the moment, please do not worry. In our upcoming videos, when we actually integrate google authentication and see the consent screen in action it will be much clear at that point.

Step 4 : Create OAuth client credentials

Click on the Credentials tab on the left navigation menu.

create google oauth client

On the subsequent page, click Create credentials button. From the dropdownlist, select OAuth client ID.

google developer console create oauth client

On the next screen (i.e Create OAuth client ID)
  • Select Web application as the Application type
  • Provide a meaningful name for the OAuth client.
  • Authorized JavaScript origins - This is the URL of where our application is running. To get this URL, on your localhost, right click on the project name in Solution Explorer in Visual Studio and select Properties. On the Debug tab, you will find the App URL.
  • Authorized redirect URIs - This is the path in our application that users are redirected to after they are authenticated by Google. The default path in core is signin-google. So the complete redirect URI is Application Root URI/signin-google. If we do not like this default path signin-google we can change it. We will discuss how to do this in our next video, when we discuss integrating google authentication into our core application.
create google oauth client id core tutorial for beginners

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  1. is website url requierd to be htpps to register on google?.


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