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Why email confirmation is important

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In this video we will discuss, why email confirmation is important for the security of your application.

When registering for an account with a website, we provide our email address. Upon registration, an email with a link is sent, which we should click to confirm that the provided email really belongs to us.

Until the email address is confirmed, your account will have very limited functionality. Some websites might even block you from signing-in until the email address is confirmed. Letting users login and use your application, without a confirmed email is a security risk. Email confirmation is important both for your security and the security of the application.

Prevents accidental account hijacking

Let's say for example, a user registered with our application with the email His actual email is without the letter h. He made a typo and accidentally included the letter h in his email ( Our application allowed the user to login and setup his account by providing all the personal, financial and other required details. This user is using the application as normal and so far no problem.

After a few days, another user who actually owns the email (with the letter h in the email), tries to register with our application. He will not be able to proceed with the registration as his email is already in use. So he requests for a password reset link, which will be sent to his email. He clicks on the link and changes the password.

There are 2 problems here
  • As the password is changed, the first user will no longer be able to login. 
  • When the second user logs-in he will have access to the first user personal, financial and other details.
This is a huge concern from security standpoint. The second user is able to hijack the first user account. We wouldn't have been in this situation if the email was confirmed upon registration.

Reduces spam registrations

Email confirmation may not completely prevent spam registrations, but can reduce to a great extent. 

Without email verification, you are opening gates to Spam bots. A large number of spam accounts can be created by these spam bots with random emails. 

With email verification you are adding an extra layer of protection. Creating a new email address, registering with your application and then confirming the email address by logging-in to the email service provider is definitely much more work than just allowing to register for an account with a random email.

Prevents unsolicited emails

Without email confirmation, you would not know if the email provided during registration really belong to that user. You may end up sending unsolicited emails, if a random email is used or mis-typed. With email confirmation in place, we know the provided email actually belong to the registered user and prevent sending unsolicited emails.

Easy to recover account

In most cases a confirmed email is the easiest method for account recovery, if a user has forgotten username and/or password.

In our next videos, we will discuss, how to block a user from signing-in if the email is not confirmed and sending a confirmation email. core tutorial for beginners

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