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Free mvc tutorial for beginners and intermediate programmers. This playlist, contains concepts related to mvc 2, mvc 3 and mvc 4. We will start with the very basics and cover most of the advanced concepts as we progress.

  1. Installing ASP.NET MVC
  2. What mvc version is my mvc application using
  3. Creating your first mvc application
  4. Controllers in an mvc application
  5. Views in an mvc application
  6. ViewData and ViewBag in mvc
  7. Models in an mvc application
  8. Data access in MVC using entity framework
  9. Generate hyperlinks using actionlink html helper
  10. Working with multiple tables in mvc
  11. Using business objects as model in MVC
  12. Creating a view to insert data
  13. FormCollection in MVC
  14. Mapping request data to controller action simple parameter types
  15. Updatemodel function in MVC
  16. Difference between updatemodel and tryupdatemodel
  17. Editing a model in mvc
  18. Updating data in MVC
  19. Unintended updates in mvc
  20. Preventing unintended updates
  21. Including and excluding properties from model binding using bind attribute
  22. Including and excluding properties from model binding using interfaces
  23. Why deleting database records using get request is bad
  24. Deleting database records using post request in mvc
  25. Insert update delete in mvc using entity framework
  26. Customizing the auto-generated index view
  27. Customizing the autogenerated create view
  28. Customizing the autogenerated edit view
  29. Using data transfer object as the model in mvc
  30. View engines in mvc
  31. Using custom view engines with mvc
  32. How does a controller find a view
  33. Html helpers in MVC
  34. Generating a dropdownlist control in mvc using HTML helpers
  35. How to set an item selected when dropdownlist is loaded
  36. Difference between Html.TextBox and Html.TextBoxFor
  37. Generating a radiobuttonlist control in mvc using HTML helpers
  38. CheckBoxList in mvc
  39. ListBox in mvc
  40. Using displayname, displayformat, scaffoldcolumn attributes in mvc
  41. Using datatype & displaycolumn attributes
  42. Opening a page in new browser window
  43. Hiddeninput and readonly attributes in mvc
  44. Display and edit templated helpers
  45. Customize display and edit templates
  46. Accessing model metadata from custom templated helpers
  47. Displaying images in mvc
  48. Custom html helpers in mvc
  49. Html encoding in mvc
  50. Detect errors in views at compile time
  51. Advantages of using strongly typed views
  52. Partial views
  53. Difference between html.partial and html.renderpartial
  54. T4 templates in mvc
  55. What is cross site scripting attack
  56. How to prevent cross site scripting attack
  57. Razor views in mvc
  58. Razor views in mvc continued
  59. Layout view in mvc
  60. ViewStart in mvc
  61. Named sections in layout files in mvc
  62. Implementing search functionality in mvc
  63. Implement paging in mvc
  64. Implement sorting in mvc
  65. Deleting multiple rows
  66. Check uncheck all checkboxes with another single checkbox using jquery
  67. Action selectors in mvc
  68. What is the use of NonAction attribute in mvc
  69. Action filters in mvc
  70. Authorize and AllowAnonymous action filters
  71. ChildActionOnly attribute in mvc
  72. HandleError attribute
  73. OutputCache attribute
  74. CacheProfiles
  75. RequireHttps attribute
  76. ValidateInput attribute
  77. Custom action filters
  78. Different types of ActionResult in mvc
  79. Areas
  80. StringLength attribute
  81. Range attribute
  82. Creating custom validation attribute
  83. RegularExpression attribute
  84. Compare attribute
  85. Enable client side validation in mvc
  86. ValidationSummary
  87. What is Unobtrusive JavaScript
  88. Unobtrusive validation in mvc
  89. Remote validation in mvc
  90. Remote validation in mvc when javascript is disabled
  91. Create a custom remote attribute and override IsValid() method
  92. Ajax with mvc
  93. What is Ajax and why should we use it
  94. Providing visual feedback using LoadingElementId AjaxOption
  95. OnBegin, OnComplete, OnSuccess and OnFailure properties of AjaxOptions class
  96. LoadingElementDuration property of AjaxOptions class
  97. Implement autocomplete textbox functionality in mvc
  98. What is JavaScript minification
  99. What is CDN - Content Delivery Network
  100. What if CDN is down


  1. Thanks man, God bless you

    Just a question is there any more video about MVC ??

    1. Hi, there are, a lot more videos on MVC. I will record and upload them on a daily basis. If you want to receive email alerts when new videos are uploaded, feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel using the link below.

    2. Hi Sir!
      You are doing great service to the humanity by giving this education free of cost. Your teaching style is very comprehensive and unique too..!
      May I request you to post video series on MVC Code first approach with entity framework (creating database with entity classes).

      Thanks a lot in advance, however I know that thanking is way less in response to the favor you are doing to students like me who want to pursue their career in software development.


  2. Hii sir my name kishan

    In MVC application when I configure to IIS server and run the MVC application its give me error as I mention Below ..
    Detailed Error Information:
    Module IIS Web Core
    Notification BeginRequest
    Handler Not yet determined
    Error Code 0x80070021
    Config Error This configuration section cannot be used at this path. This happens when the section is locked at a parent level. Locking is either by default (overrideModeDefault="Deny"), or set explicitly by a location tag with overrideMode="Deny" or the legacy allowOverride="false".
    Config File \\?\F:\AMAR INFOTECH\PRACTISE\MVC Tutorial\MVC practice\webDemo1\webDemo1\web.config

    Please give solution How I run My MVC application successful..??

    1. you might change the the code (un-comment) in applicationHost.config file
      this link may help

  3. Try reinstalling IIS. Select all the options except CIG. It works fine........

  4. Hello Sir

    Your all videos are awesome but How paging is possible in Razor view Engine means i want to show data in table like gridview then how we can do it?. really waiting for your paging video


  5. Hello Sir

    how we can make proper validation for email. integer type text box or how we can create custom validation in MVC.

  6. Hello Sir

    Sir in MVC there are so many command Like Displayfor,displayformodel, webgrid to render collection of object in table with autopagination and pages partial view ,layout page and render partial view page in view through jquery.

    rweally I m waiting for those video tutorials

  7. hello sir

    I am using three tables user, user_authentication, roles and I have to show data in view from three tables but the problem is that view is strong type and can be related to only one object then how I can relate others object.

    1. we can use two different class use them in a single class them use them in
      a view

  8. Thanks a lot for your videos.
    Please try to make some videos on Dependency Injection in MVC ( injecting a Controller, View and Action Filter)

  9. Hello Sir,
    I am not understanding Ienumerable means, you often use in Mvc and why not IList.Could you please answer me.

    1. IEnumerable is super class of IList. so it's to better to use IEnumerable than IList.

  10. Hello please how do i create metadata for a project i created using vs 2012.....i tried the metadata technique you used with vs2010 but i discovered code generation was turnde off by default......
    i even tried to turn on the code generation, but everything just scaterred...
    please help me out.....just want something that will help me change the display name for a property

  11. I am waiting for the videos about Sessions and Sessions state in MVC as well as more videos about Caching as well

  12. I am looking forward to see a video on uploading and downloading fille(pdf, word etc) in MVC4

  13. Hi Venkat,

    Good job mate!! Can you please record some videos on data communication modules like REST API, how to authenticate an user before giving access of REST API etc.


  14. Hi Venkat, sir.

    First, Thanks so much to teach us with video. I am learn enough from your. Thanks and thank again. And Can I have a request to teach me how to develop stemmering and synonyms for language.

    Thank sir.

  15. Hi Venkat,
    Really i m very thankful to you for uploading such good videos.It helped a lot i learned .Net entirely from your videos only.I have project in which i have to insert multiple rows with one single insert statement using MVC3 razor can you help plz me out with this.
    Thank you

  16. Hi Venkat

    Will u please any example for dependency injection vs dependency inversion


  17. Venkat Sir,
    Please discuss Unit Testing in MVC.


  18. Hi God bless you always.
    your MVC vidoes are the best.
    plz upload videos on how to read xml and json in MVC as soon as possible..
    thanks a lot....
    or upload only the source code plz ... If you don't have time to record the videos

  19. Hello Venkat,

    Can you please upload mvc using repository pattern ?

    I have few question's

    What is Repository ?
    Why we need to use Repository and what is the advantage of using Repo ?
    MVC with Repository and Without Repository differences ?
    MVC & Dependency Injection ?
    MVC & IOC ?

    Can you please give demo on this or explain ?


  20. Hi venkat can you please explain how to bind nested grid in MVC 4 with collapse and expand feature

  21. I'm just starting with MVC and Im thinking how to authenticate users from database just like your demo on webforms.
    Your tutorials are so great, it helps me a lot. Godbless

  22. Hi Venkat, in part 8 of this video series, you mentioned that the model name Employee is different to the table name tblEmployee from the database, so we have to add the Table attribute at the top of model. But in my solution, I kept the table name as Employee and my model name as Employee as well. I tried testing without giving table attribute at the top but I am getting an error "Invalid object name 'dbo.Employees'" Clearly I have not kept the model name as Employees but Employee and the table name as Employee as well. Please clarify whether we have to give the table attribute to all the model or for only the mismatching names? Thanks

  23. Dear Venkat,
    Will you please some video regarding the MVC Pipeline.
    I was asked this question in several interviews and I failed to answer them correctly.


  24. Hello sir,
    Can u upload WebAPI videos I am facing difficultyin that because u did not upload any API videos .I can understand only your concept and videos so please if possible upload it or give us some materials
    Thank you Sir

  25. Hi Man,

    Thank you so much for your humanity and preparing all these helpful videos. I really enjoy them and found them quite useful.

    Actually, I tried using your auto complete solution (MVC-Part97) in cascading condition but I couldn't. It works well with one text box. would you please
    help us using it in cascading 3 text boxes (such as Country, State, City).

    I also tried several other solutions but none of them was as straight forward as you prepared the tutorials.

    I can send you my code for trouble shooting in case that you have time .

    My email address : VRohani (at)

    Thank you again for your very kind efforts,



  26. Hi Venkat,
    How to work with multiple databases in MVC4 using Entity Framework?
    Please help me

  27. Hi Venkat,

    I'm new to Mvc.
    Can you help me pls,
    How to work with multiple models in single view using databases and also how to handle multiple buttons in single view.


  28. Thanks for sharing this tutorial, its very easy to understand & simplest to digest even for new users.
    Keep it up this great work.

  29. hi sir i am afzal
    plz help to to upload image in database and folder and display in view
    and also tell me which place is better to upload image (database as binary form or folder) bcz i want to make a shopping cart where we have more then 10,000 image
    for product

    plz help me ,i am waiting your vedio
    Thanks in advance,

  30. Mr Venkat,

    You have no idea how genius you are...

    thanks for sharing your knowledge...

    god bless you.

  31. Hello Sir,

    In 11th Video, when you created the view for employes(using scaffold temple "list"), how come employ ID is not there. Coz when you created object employee, you had ID also in it. You can see it from 12:45 min onwards in the video

  32. can mvc only be run in administrator mode

  33. Hii Sir ..
    I am getting this Error
    "CS1502: The best overloaded method match for 'System.Web.WebPages.WebPageExecutingBase.Write(System.Web.WebPages.HelperResult)' has some invalid arguments
    in this part of code
    " @Html.ActionLink ( std.Name,"Details", new { id = std.StudentID })"

    Please Suggest

  34. Hello,Can Any One Suggest Me the Pre-Requirment Of MVC.I want To Learn.

  35. Dear Venkat Sir, We are very thankful to you. your video is very helpful. your way of teaching is very fantastic. Can you please upload Web API, WPF video.. We are waiting

  36. Hi Venkat,

    Your Videos are Very Helpful to Lean ASP.NET MVC, Thank You Venkat.

  37. Hallo sir,

    How can I contact you sir?
    I have some problem in webconfig. .net please help me sir

  38. Thanks Venkat Sir

    It will be great if you can upload some videos on 3 tier and N tier architecture and generic repository pattern in MVC db first approach.

  39. hi venkat sir,

    how to use bootstrap in selectedlist control . i mean what i am asking how to pass and retrive list of data into bootstrap in selectedlist control . in normal way we took button for dropdown list in bootstrap but i need only html control (selected list).

  40. Can you please upload videos on WEB API

  41. hello sir ,

    How can Create Cascading Dropdownlist in mvc Using Controller without Using Jquery

  42. these videos are so useful for all of us ... There are better then others videos and not only videos but also others books it´s amazing

  43. thank you so much for this tutorial and i am understand mvc but can you provide any type of mvc project like ecommerce,educational,etc.


  44. Hi, venkat sir my name is sahil, honestly you are GOD of programming world. Please teach java if possible.


  45. Pass Dropdownlist Selected Value In MVC From Layout To Controller

  46. I want to know the way for-How to preserve textbox value between view in mvc 5? ex-Date value-when i come back from edit,i want same date which i enter. Initially start date is set to today's date. Please,let me know the solution.

  47. Hi Kudvenkat.
    I learnt Dot net because of you man. It's really help people alots. nobody can tech like you. Thanks.
    No I want to know is it possible to develop mvc application using jquery with razor engine without writting server side code from the controller. If yes let me know. and please upload videos of mvc using jquery without code.

  48. i venkat.. i learned a lot on your playlist tnx man. but i had a problem. after logout on my asp mvc project. i can revisit the last page without authentication using the back to prevent this sir. tnx

  49. we learned a lot with your mvc i searched a lot and
    couldn't find the video tutorial of Design Pattern.
    it would be great if you could teach us to create reusable dataaccess layer using repository pattern with unit of work pattern or like wise.
    this will help to get more technically strong.

  50. Hello Sir, Please suggest me for learning "MVC Application Life Cycle" from either any link or any book.

  51. Can you post url rewrite videos using mvc

  52. hie sie could you please arrange a slide of 3 tier architecture in mvc4 its soo important to me

  53. Hello sir,
    I have been following your MVC videos and it is very nice for learning. I was trying connecting an existing database to context and model, but I get an error as below when i tried to list all the records in the table

    The model backing the 'StudentContext' context has changed since the database was created. Consider using Code First Migrations to update the database (

  54. Hello Sir,

    Sir would you please help me with using slug in MVC urls?
    I have a URL like "WebSite/package-details/4"
    here "WebSite" is controller,
    "package-details" is action,
    and "4" is id,

    I want it like "tours/package-details/desert-safari-dubai"
    here "tours" is action,
    "package-details" is also an action linked on "tours" view,
    and "desert-safari-dubai" is a package name with "id = 4"

    Sir, I have another problem in ASP.NET MVC, I want to display data from two or three models in a view, where I have an HTML-Table to display records. e.g. I have Database-tables (Departments and Students), Students table have DepartmentId, and I want to display student records in an HTML-table and the DepartmentNames, from Departments Database-Table, instead of DepartmentId. so what should I do in Controller and in View. Please Upload a video tutorial on it if possible.

    If you have some free time to brief me by uploading a video tutorial or have an article which can help me out exactly with this problem then please link it over here.

    Cardiac Regards
    Jehangir Wahid

  55. I had developed a MVC 4 application Using Database first approach.
    Used Visual Studio 2010 but I want to run the same application in VS2013.
    Please help me out.
    Thanks in advance

  56. Hi sir how we can load dynamic controls using xml in MVC with all validations. Thanks in advance.

  57. Hi Venkat, from the videos you posted, It seems that we can create an image tag either by:
    1) creating a template (with UIHint)
    2) creating a custom helper

    What is the best practice?

  58. Hi Venkat, I use two froms in one view example client table and order table. Can you put example in the video.

  59. what is controller factory in mvc?

  60. Hi sir how are you..?

    Sir i am beginner in .net mvc i am doing work on my project. in which i have multiple views and models.. Sir i have a layout page and wan to use a model in that page but when i call a layout page into another page which also have is own model it gives me exception which is

    The model item passed into the dictionary is of type 'System.Collections.Generic.List`1[adeemfyp.Models.Restaurant]', but this dictionary requires a model item of type 'adeemfyp.Models.User'.

    Here Models.User is a model in Layout page Models.Restaurant is a model in other page

    Sir now i feel panic because i am trying to solve this problem since many days but not found any solution....Sir what i do to solve this..?? please suggest me or give me any will be my pleasure.

    i you have any video tutorial which is according o this problem and helpful for me then plz suggest

  61. Hi Venkat, in MVC video 11 about using business objects in an MVC app, for me the System.Configuration assembly is not available to add to the added EmployeeBusinessLayer project. The list of what's available is nearly empty. For the main project, the full list is present. What might be keeping all the assemblies from being listed under Add References? Thanks. --Phillip

  62. Venkat,

    I cannot get RemoteValidation to work correctly when using the "AdditionalFields" parameter. Appears that the value for "AdditionalFields" is not being passed to the JSON routine I created. Are you aware of any issues with this parameter?

  63. Hi Venkat ,

    Is there somewhere validateAntiforgeryToken attribute tutorial available on this blog

  64. Hi Venkat,

    How to generate unique id and save it the database using mvc?

  65. Great Explanation with valuable example..Thanks a Lot Sir...

  66. Can i get checked in checkbox if false condition satisfy and uncheked if true condition satisfy using html.checkboxfor in mvc razor view

  67. hi...sir.. can u plz place your videos in your separate site... sir
    why becz we are redirecting to different videos while watching your videos in youtube.

  68. Hi - First, GREAT presentation, I have learned so much from your work. Can you tell me where I can find comprehensive start to finish tutorials for using masked input for dates, telephone numbers etc. in MVC?

  69. Sir, you are an amazing teacher! can’t describe in words!! Thank you very much for your help and looking forward for the sharing of SharePoint, CRM and Salesforce articles.


  70. drag and drop Formbuilder in mvc or core with database. can you describe tis topic sir

  71. God Bless You My Friend. Hope, that your website will never get down. I'm dependent on your lessons. Thanks a lot for your effort.

  72. Does anybody know the location of source code


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