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Part 100 - What if CDN is down

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In this video we will disccuss
1. What if CDN is down?
2. How to fallback from CDN to use local copy of Jquery?

There are several benefits of referencing a resource from a CDN. We discussed these in Part 99 of mvc tutorial.

A CDN is an external resource and beyond our control. So, what if, CDN is down? How can we fall back from CDN to use local copy of Jquery.

The following code checks if jQuery is loaded and if it isn't, the jquery script will be loaded from our web server.
<script src="" 

<script type="text/javascript">
    window.jQuery || document.write('<script src="/MVCDemo/Scripts/jquery-1.7.1.min.js">\x3C/script>')

\x3C is hexadecimal for <


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    This is yeswanth from Hyderabad, how to use a technology which is suitable to application, so that we can migrate to one over other at any point of time, and i need the advantages of one technology over other technologies.

  3. Hello Sir,
    Sir all your Videos are much helpfull to me for learning ASP.NET MVC. All Video are working good but when it comes to jquery some are working and some are not working so can you please help the jquery demo... how to improve its workin..

    Thank you...

  4. You done GREAT Job, Keep it up...........

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  6. How to call fallback CDN from bundling? (ASP.NET MVC)

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    Your videos have helped me too much.
    I learnt what does kindness does mean from your act of sharing all these free videos for millions of people throughout the world.
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