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JavaScript Tutorial

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  1. What is the use of JavaScript in ASP.NET | Slides
  2. Why do we need both client side and server side validation | Slides
  3. Disadvantages of JavaScript | Slides
  4. How to debug javascript in visual studio | Slides
  5. Tools for learning JavaScript | Slides
  6. Inline vs external JavaScript | Slides
  7. Where should the script tag be placed in html | Slides
  8. JavaScript Basics | Slides
  9. Converting strings to numbers | Slides
  10. Strings in JavaScript | Slides
  11. Substrings in JavaScript | Slides
  12. JavaScript substring example | Slides
  13. Conditional statements in javascript | Slides
  14. Switch statement in JavaScript | Slides
  15. Ternary operator in JavaScript | Slides
  16. Loops in JavaScript | Slides
  17. do while loop in JavaScript | Slides
  18. For loop in JavaScript | Slides
  19. Arrays in JavaScript | Slides
  20. JavaScript array push and pop methods | Slides
  21. JavaScript array mutators | Slides
  22. JavaScript array filter method | Slides
  23. Creating two dimensional array in javascript | Slides
  24. Functions in JavaScript | Slides
  25. Different ways of defining functions in JavaScript | Slides
  26. Local and global variables in javascript | Slides
  27. Closures in JavaScript | Slides
  28. JavaScript closure example | Slides
  29. JavaScript arguments object | Slides
  30. Recursive function in JavaScript | Slides
  31. Error handling in JavaScript | Slides
  32. JavaScript window.onerror event | Slides
  33. Working with dates in javascript | Slides
  34. JavaScript timing events | Slides
  35. How to create image slideshow using JavaScript | Slides
  36. Events in JavaScript | Slides
  37. Assigning event handlers in JavaScript using DOM object property | Slides
  38. addeventlistener and removeeventlistener in JavaScript | Slides
  39. JavaScript event object | Slides
  40. Event bubbling in JavaScript | Slides
  41. Image gallery with thumbnails in JavaScript | Slides
  42. JavaScript event capturing | Slides
  43. Preventing browser default action | Slides
  44. JavaScript to detect which mouse button is clicked | Slides
  45. JavaScript mouse events | Slides
  46. JavaScript popup window | Slides
  47. Using regular expressions in JavaScript | Slides
  48. Tools for writing regular expressions | Slides
  49. JavaScript strings and regular expressions | Slides
  50. JavaScript RegExp object | Slides
  51. Client side validation using regular expression | Slides
  52. JavaScript Minification | Slides
  53. JavaScript and object oriented programming | Slides
  54. Object literal vs object constructor | Slides
  55. Global namespace pollution in JavaScript | Slides
  56. Namespaces in JavaScript | Slides
  57. Private members in JavaScript | Slides
  58. Properties in JavaScript | Slides
  59. Static members in JavaScript | Slides
  60. Prototype in JavaScript | Slides
  61. Overriding JavaScript functions | Slides
  62. Inheritance in JavaScript | Slides
  63. Abstract classes in JavaScript | Slides
  64. Polymorphism in JavaScript | Slides
  65. Object reflection in JavaScript | Slides
  66. Strict Mode in JavaScript | Slides
  67. JavaScript Cookies | Slides
  68. JavaScript cookie attributes | Slides
  69. Store multiple key value pairs in a cookie | Slides
  70. Set and get multiple cookies in JavaScript | Slides
  71. Update and delete cookies | Slides
  72. How to check if cookies are enabled | Slides
  73. How to check if JavaScript is enabled | Slides
  74. window.location in JavaScript | Slides
  75. Debugging JavaScript in chrome | Slides


  1. Dear Venkat,

    Thank you for the Awesome Videos. Awaiting for the remaining videos in Javascript.

  2. Hello Venkat,

    Thank you very much for such an Awesome videos. I have some questions related to C#

    1. When and how to use Destructors, Finalize and Dispose methods? What is the difference between them?
    2. Why we need IDispose interface? What is the importance of this Interface?
    3. Is it necessary to use IDispose interface when we creating object using ‘using’ statement?
    4. How exactly the GC works?

    I have lot of confusion on these things. I request you please post an video which covers these information.

    Thanks in advance.


  3. Hi Venkat,

    How do we write JS in master pages, I'm unable to retrieve values as document.getelementbyID is returning null. Can you make a video for JS in mster pages.

    1. You could try the following way when you are using a master page

      document.getElementById("<%=TextBox1.ClientID %>").value

  4. Hello Sir,
    I have started watching your videos on javascript , really awesome videos and better than many other paid tutorials . I have got intermediate level background in .net , wpf, c#, sql server, web forms etc Sir, please post many other videos on jquery , angularjs etc Sir , you possess very strong background in e-commerce websites , also share vidoes on paypal api using or any e-commerce related videos in real world scenarios, it would have great help indeed.
    Waqar Ali Subhani

  5. hi sir,
    how to implement collaborative whiteboard using JavaScript?

  6. Hi venkat your blog and videos are really awesome great work.

  7. Hi Venkat ,

    Can you please tell me which version of js we are using here like ECMA5 or lower.

  8. Hi Sir,

    Please make videos on Type Script.


  9. You are God sir ! Such a quality videos with no cost .


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