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WCF Tutorial


  1. hi venkat,
    Thanks for all your videos, i appreciate your effort. Can you please upload some videos on how jquery and ajax are used in valudation in ASP.NET

  2. Hi, great tutorials, greatness exists in simplicity.
    Do you plan to make tutorials like or mvc with bootstrap? They would be of a great value.

  3. how we can assign methods(operation contract) role and login bases

  4. This is very good tutorial. I have listen all of your video tutorial. Its amazing. Hope you will provide Entity framework and other soon. Thanks for good tutorial

  5. Hey Venkat, i am wondering that you will soon record a video on sending automatic Email by WCF or Web Services

    1. Hi Ahmad,

      If you get any solution or any video for sending automatic Email at scheduled intervals by Web Services can you please post that link here....i am struggling to do that......

  6. I have a problem sir.. in a company interview Interviewer ask me for making a application within 2 days.. the application is...
    ""Write a simple application which accepts an HTTP URL in an API request, fetches the content of the URL,
    and sends the details of the url response (headers, body, time, size, errors if any) in a proper format as the API response.

    You are free to use any language, platform or database.

    Your answer will be judged on application and API design, clean code,
    maintainability, performance and efficiency.""

    Then suggest me what i use.. I have to do this application using WCF or other thing..

  7. Hi venket,

    I have all your Tutorials as you have published, can you publish how to develop Windows application projects using MDF forms.

  8. Hi venkat sir, iam fan of you...
    first i don't know how to start but now i am in very confident to get a good job only with your tutorials..thanks alot,...

  9. Hi Sir,Your videos are awesome.I have followed all your video sessions and these have helped me a lot.Its quite some days,and you have not posted any videos on WCF.I am eagerly waiting for your remaining videos on WCF.Because for me,It seems that no other professor or blog or any other channel can teach and guide me like your videos do.Thanks a lot again.

  10. Hi Venkat,

    All the tutorial (# include Mvc) are very well explained with great details, really thankful for your efforts. You have any plans for the Design Patterns tutorials or can you please provide any reference where we can get all the details. I have tried most of the links but I found difficult to understand. Please help me into this.

    Sameer N

  11. Hi Venkat ,

    First of all thanks.

    My question is If we make any changes in the implementation of code of WCF service How all the client application which are consuming our WCF services will automatically get update regarding the changes

  12. Hi Venkat,

    First of all i would like to say thanks for starting WCF tutorials.Till now for all the topics your videos are great.My suggestion is that please include the below topics in WCF tutorials

    1. WCF Hostings(Types)
    2. WCF instance management
    3. WCF Message pattern
    4. WCF Rest Service
    5. WCF Sequence operation
    6. WCF Throttling
    7. WCF Transactions

  13. hey, Venkat sir please i need your help i am facing problems in LINQ queries like (Joins, clauses) etc, please record only one video on it in this week i will be very thank full plzzzz

  14. Hi Venkat,
    First of all thanks for uploading such a wonderful videos. Sir, while i am practicing the WCF videos Part -7 i am getting the error like The server was unable to process the request due to an internal error. For more information about the error, either turn on IncludeExceptionDetailInFaults (either from ServiceBehaviorAttribute or from the configuration behavior) on the server in order to send the exception information back to the client, or turn on tracing as per the Microsoft .NET Framework SDK documentation and inspect the server trace logs.
    Please Sove my problem? what can i do?

  15. Dear Venkat,

    Do you have a PayPal account? I just want to send you my "Thank you".

  16. Hi Venkat,

    Many Many Thanks for uploading such nice video tutorials on WCF. Please also upload videos on WCF Securities, Transactions, Throttling, Rest Service etc....


  17. Hi Venkat,

    Nice work done by you on WCF God bless you Venkat
    you are helping so much,

    we are eagerly waiting on your videos on these topics.
    please upload as soon as possible.

    1. WCF Sequence Operation
    2. WCF Transactions
    3. WCF Throttling
    4. WCF Data Service
    5. WCF Rest Service

  18. hey venkat, Hi...
    i also watch your posted videos and read all comments
    i saw that u response initially but not for all people's question.
    i requested u to please answers all of them, they aspects more from u

  19. Hi Venkat,
    Pl help me how to pass parameters to the WCF Methods and pass parameters from url. In Web service, we invoke and see results as xml. Like same, I need to consume WCF Service in a mobile application. Please help me how can i do tat? Tried with fiddler, am getting 400 error.

  20. Greetings Venkat Sir..

    In an interview I was asked " How can we make a method visible to one client and not visible to other client" Please help how can we achieve this..

  21. Greetings Venkat Sir..

    An Interviewer asked me "my hosted service is chargeable and I want to track the record that who has called/ accessed my service how many time, how can I do it?".

    Please help how to achieve it..

  22. Hi Venkat,

    These days common questions on WCF is "How will you secure your wcf service?"
    Please discuss in detail.

  23. how to check the performance issue in web service means when i send the the first request it takes 30 sec when i send the 2nd request it takes 50 sec for response.............?one interviewer is asking this type question

  24. how we can assign methods(operation contract) role and login bases

  25. Hi venkat,

    is it possible to initiate call from wcf service to the client consuming that service. If yes then give me some brief please. i have been watching your wcf tutorials.

  26. sir please add msmq binding related vido

  27. Hi Venkat,

    Thanks for this series, may you please record some videos on how to implement WCF Restful Service.

  28. Hi Venkat,

    I have learn the WCF from your videos now when i am developing one service i encounter with the post method problem which is giving me error like POST 400 Bad Request and i am not able to solve this issue since last one week please help me

  29. Dear sir Thank you so much for a such wonderful tutorials.

    Sir I have one problem related to WCF Service.
    How to cancel wcf service operation from client side in between the operation?

  30. Hello Sir, I just found what i want from one of your vedio.
    But I found ocean of vedios from your link. Just saying thank you is very small and not sufficient. God bless you.

  31. You have very helpful and easy to learn tutorials. you will make also tutorials for WEB API

  32. Hi Venkat I want to update the basicHttpBinding security mode in the c# code .Can u please provide a video on that.

  33. Hi Venkat i am unable to implement Impersonation in Wcf Service with iis hosting. Can you please help me with any video tutorial

  34. Sir, Can you please update a video on how can we cache the data coming from wcf service.

  35. Do we have somewhere the ppt slides and source code for this training?
    (not as text desciption here)
    Nice explained videos by the way.

  36. Sir, Thank you so much for a such wonderful tutorials.
    Please sir explain the WCF Transaction which was miss in tutorial

  37. Hello Sir,
    How to access local network files or folders in WCF Service?

  38. hi sir,
    I am looking for WEBAPI 2 tutorial, please share the link for the same.

  39. Hello Sir,

    Can you please provide a slides for WCF tutorial?

  40. sir do u have any mobile application regarding same tutorial


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