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Free ASP.NET Video Tutorial

ASP.NET video tutorial starts from the very basics, and covers the advanced topics as we progress through the tutorial.

I have over 10 years experience, developing ASP.NET web applications. Got the opportunity to work on world's largest e-commerce and banking web applications that are highly transactional in nature. Now, it's my turn to give something back to the community, hence this video tutorial.

Free ASP.NET video tutorial

  1. What is ASP.NET
  2. Creating your first ASP.NET website
  3. What is viewstate
  4. Events in the life cycle of a web application
  5. Difference between ViewState, SessionState and ApplicationState in
  6. ASP.NET Page Life Cycle Events
  7. ASP.NET Server control events
  8. IsPostBack in ASP.NET
  9. IIS - Internet Information Services and ASP.NET
  10. ASP.NET TextBox Control
  11. Radio Button Control
  12. CheckBox Control
  13. HyperLink Control
  14. Button, LinkButton and ImageButton Controls
  15. Command Event of an button control
  16. Dropdownlist in
  17. Data bind dropdownlist with data from the database
  18. Binding an dropdownlist with an XML file
  19. Mapping virtual path to physical path using Server.MapPath method
  20. Mapping virtual path to physical path using Server.MapPath method Example
  21. Retrieving selected item text value and index of dropdownlist
  22. Cascading dropdown in
  23. ASP.NET CheckBoxList Control
  24. ASP.NET CheckBoxList, Select or Deselect all list items
  25. ASP.NET ListBox control
  26. ASP.NET CheckBoxList and ListBox real time example
  27. ASP.NET RadioButtonList control
  28. Bulleted list in
  29. List controls in
  30. Fileupload control in
  31. Adrotator control in
  32. calendar control
  33. calendar control properties and events
  34. Hidden field in
  35. Multiview control in
  36. Wizard control in
  37. Wizard control properties
  38. Wizard control events
  39. UseSubmitBehavior property of the Button control
  40. wizard control templates
  41. Literal control in
  42. panel control
  43. Creating controls dynamically using panel control
  44. RequiredField validator control in
  45. Rangevalidator control in
  46. CompareValidator control in
  47. RegularExpressionValidator control in
  48. CustomValidator control in
  49. ValidationSummary control in
  50. ValidationGroups in
  51. Different page navigation techniques
  52. Response.Redirect in
  53. Server.Transfer in
  54. Server.execute in
  55. Cross page posting in
  56. Cross page postback strongly typed reference
  57. Opening new window using javascript in
  58. Techniques to send data from one webform to another
  59. QueryString in
  60. Cookies in
  61. How to Check if cookies are enabled or disabled
  62. session state
  63. Cookie less sessions in
  64. Inporc session state mode management
  65. StateServer session state mode management
  66. SQLServer session state mode management
  67. Application state
  68. application state real time example
  69. Exception handling in
  70. Error events
  71. Custom errors
  72. Windows event viewer
  73. Logging exceptions to the windows eventviewer
  74. Logging exceptions as information entry type in windows eventviewer
  75. Logging exception to database
  76. Customizing exception Logging
  77. Sending emails using
  78. Sending emails in using SMTP server settings from web.config
  79. Tracing
  80. Writing custom tracing messages
  81. Tracing in - A real time example
  82. Application pool in IIS
  83. Applications isolation using application pools
  84. Application pools in IIS Security
  85. Anonymous authentication
  86. Anonymous authentication and impersonation
  87. Windows authentication
  88. Windows authentication and authorization
  89. Windows authentication and folder level authorization
  90. Forms authentication using user names list in web.config
  91. Forms authentication in and user registration
  92. Forms authentication against users in database table
  93. Forms authentication and locking user accounts
  94. Unlocking the locked user accounts
  95. Implementing password reset link in
  96. Implementing change password page
  97. Changing password by providing current password
  98. Unlocking the locked user accounts using a web page
  99. Implementing Enable button to unlock user accounts
  100. Secure Socket Layer
  101. Implementing SSL in web application
  102. Redirect http to https in IIS using URL ReWrite module
  103. Redirect http to https in iis using custom errors
  104. User controls
  105. Adding and using user controls on a webform
  106. Raising custom events from user controls
  107. Consuming user control custom events
  108. Events and delegates
  109. Loading user controls dynamically
  110. Loading controls dynamically in ASP.NET
  111. Navigating to a specific month and an year in an calendar control
  112. ASP.NET custom server controls
  113. Adding composite custom controls to visual studio tool box
  114. Adding properties to composite custom controls
  115. Solving the problems of composite custom calendar control
  116. Adding custom events to composite custom control
  117. Assigning an image to the composite custom control in visual studio tool box
  118. Difference between user controls and custom controls
  119. Caching in
  120. Caching multiple responses for a single webform
  121. Controlling caching in code
  122. Fragment caching in
  123. Web form caching based on GET and POST requests
  124. Caching multiple versions of user control using VaryByControl
  125. Caching multiple versions of user control using VaryByParam
  126. Caching application data in
  127. Different ways to cache application data in
  128. Caching in - AbsoluteExpiration, SlidingExpiration, and CacheItemPriority
  129. Cache dependency on files in
  130. Reloading or refreshing cache automatically, when cached data is removed
  131. Cache dependency on sql server database table
  132. Reload data into cache automatically when data in the table changes
  133. What is AutoEventWireup in
  134. Add image slideshow to your website using ajax and c#
  135. Display images in sequence in an image slideshow
  136. Provide capability to start and stop image slideshow
  137. Add images to slideshow using xml file
  138. Add images to slideshow using database table
  139. How to upload and download files
  140. Creating an image gallery using and c#
  141. Contact us page using and c#
  142. Contact us page using and c# continued
  143. Difference between http get and http post methods
  144. How to check if the request method is a GET or a POST in MVC
  145. Implementing autocomplete textbox in web forms
  146. Why use master pages in
  147. Master pages in
  148. Passing data from content page to master page
  149. Passing data from master page to content page
  150. Default content in contentplaceholder of a master page
  151. Assigning a master page dynamically
  152. Master page content page user control life cycle
  153. Menu control in
  154. Using styles with menu control
  155. Binding menu control to xml file
  156. Binding menu control to database table
  157. SiteMapPath control in
  158. Binding menu control to web.sitemap file
  159. TreeView control in
  160. Binding treeview control to an xml file
  161. Binding treeview control to web.sitemap file
  162. Binding treeview control to database table
  163. Dynamically adding treenodes to treeview control
  164. Displaying organization chart using treeview control
  165. How to display an icon for website on browser tab
  166. Captcha control in
  167. Using ASP.NET validation controls with recaptcha
  168. Customizing recaptcha control
  169. Save image to database using
  170. Load image from database in
  171. How to show images from database in gridview in
  172. Display data from two or more database table columns in dropdownlist


  1. your vedios are very helf full for begiiner and also middle level programmers and one more thing
    so many institutes in verioues city not covering all the topics .they are taking lot of amount from the students without providing proper training.your providing vedios on free of cost .i will pray to god give long life and helth and welth for your family.thank you sir .keep on providing vedios

  2. Hi sir, your videos are very use full
    the way your thinking to do some thing for community will make me
    to salute you...
    because so many people are not able to pay the fee.

    thanks a lot keep on provide the videos

  3. HI ! sir i am fan of yours, the way you are teaching is easily understad by any one. @Anonymous, you are right most of people are not abel to pay the fees, after paying thousand of Rupees not getting proper knowledge but here we can get knowledge more than expectation!!
    thanks venkat :) god bless you for your gr8 job

    1. Hi I also became a fan of u. You are tutorials are very nice. Even school children can understand the concepts. You are a good trainer. Pls continue ur service

  4. Hi ! Sir M Aleem, M downloading all your videos and learning excellent sir really excellent i love your videos . my if life was going based on your videos.Thank You So Much sir.God Bless you Sir.
    One of In my interview i faced one Question is ------

    "what is difference between Solution and project in Solution Explorer?".-------
    Please Could you give answer please sir. M waiting for your Reply dont forget sir please please please.

    1. Hi Aleembasha, a solution is a collection of one or more projects. For example, a solution can contain, a class library project, and a web application project. When you create a new project, a solution gets automatically created with the same name. A solution has an extension of .sln, where a project has an extension of .csporj(if c# is the programming language) or .vbproj(if vb is the programming language)

    2. M very Clear With your Answer Thank You Sir...

    3. Sir You Are my ITCareerWay,

      In Yesterday(On 20-10-2012) I faced One Interview in that i got several Questions on that are listed Below. I gave Answer as for my Knowledge to them But They Did not Satisfy. Please Give me Correct Answer.
      Those are

      1. How do you Get Credentials through IIS and Windows Authentication, Forms Authentication in Web Application?
      2. An Web Application Can Run Without Web.Config File? If Yes How many Web.Config file has an Application?
      3. What is Code Behind File & Code Fie? Main Difference?
      4. How do you display records in Grid View at at time that records are middle from the database table has contains 10,000 records?
      5. Can you Display 10,000 records in Grid View Control At a Time? If Yes Then how?How will you apply Customize Page in Grid View?
      6. Can You Apply Web service on IIS? Difference Between IIS and Web Service?
      7. How do you display the format xxx-xxx-xxxx of telephone number in Text Box Control?
      8. What is The Difference between Website and Web Application?
      9. Can you write Expressions in Constructor?If Yes How?

      These are the Question i Faced i want to know answers correctly.I searched on Google Search Engine but i did not understand. But if you teach that (simple Understandable Words) then i understand, Hence please give me answers sir.M waiting ..............

      Sorry For the Disturbance.

    4. Good evening sir m Aleem m waiting for the above questions answer please sir

    5. Sir you are providing best knowledge in .NET framework
      Can you please provide something in caching

    6. The DefaultCredentials property of the CredentialCache class contains the system credentials of the current security context. For client applications, these credentials represent the user name, the password, and the domain of the user who is currently logged on. Client credentials are not passed automatically. To pass the client's Windows security context to a Web service, you must set the Credentials property of the Web service proxy to CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials.

  5. sir are you teaching at any institution? if any the i'll join it.

    1. Hi Vishal, at the moment I am out of the country, and not providing class room training. But if you are interested in class room training there are several institutes. In bangalore I can recommend Pragim Technologies. All the trainers at Pragim institute are real time working professionals.

    2. Thanks Sir for reply... but sir i live in i will not able to join Pragim Technologies at bangalor..If any branch is in mumbai then i'll surely join it if any plz.. reply.

    3. Hi Vishal, They don't have a branch in Mumbai.

    4. Ok sir, But thanks for your videos, i am getting lots of knowledge from your community. i have big interest in sql.
      thanks alot.

  6. Venkat,
    I have been in to school and I have been to many institutions through out my career but never had a such an instructor like you. I have been programming .Net for hobbies. I never understand those minor things clearly, but you have explained in a such way a kid can understand. I feel good about my self now and feel confident about the knowledge I gained through your videos. Hats off to you

  7. Hi Sir,

    One of interview question: Is web.config is compiled? If yes, then when it is compiled?

  8. hai venkat.................can u explain the the three tier architecture using dotnet

  9. hi sir,
    really your videos are so useful.i pray god for your family.can you please mention the windows form tutorials in your blog.if they are already exist please tell me where they are ?

    1. Hi Muni Prasad, Win forms, tutorials are not recorded yet. Will try to record a video series on win-forms as soon as I can. To receive email alerts when new videos are uploaded by me, please subscribe to my channel at the following link

  10. hi sir,

    can u please explain the difference between webapplication and website?

  11. Hi Venkat,
    This is Chandu,one of the subscriber of your Youtube channel. Your vedioes are very helpful. i have few doubts

    1) what is partial class ,when and where we use partial class ?(when i am adding new web form to application by default it is partial class)
    2) when we will use Abstract classes & interfaces in real time?
    i am in bit confusion which one i have to choose because both have few similarities as well as differences
    3)what is the use if declaring members of interface & abstract classes in one place and defining them in derived

    class. i think it will causes coding burden right?

    Please look into this and provide me replay

    1. Hi Chandu, I have recorded a video tutorial on partial classes and can be found in the C# Video Tutorial Series. Please refer to Part 61, in the youtube playlist. I will record a video to answer the rest of your interview questions.

      To receive email alerts when I upload new videos, please subscribe to my channel at the following link.

  12. Thanks Venkat,

    My doubt was cleared after watching the video which you have recorded on partial classes.I have seen so many articles in the net
    but i cant understood that s why i have asked so many times in the
    mail also.sorry for the distrabence.
    tahnks alot

  13. HI sir

    i am using vs 2010 ultimate .when i am creating web application

    i can able to see only nameofthewebform.aspx ,nameofthewebform. aspx.cs .if i want view the nameofthewebform.aspx.designer.cs what modifications i have to do with vs 2010 ultimate.
    sorry for the distrubance

    1. Click File->New Project->From Right Panel select Web-> Select New Web Site option and create your project. You'll get all the required files.

      I hope it will work for you.

  14. Hi Venkat,

    Everything in this tutorial are awesome to learn.
    I Would like to have Tutorials on "Authentication" and "Authorization".Can you please provide some videos on this? coz, Employers are also concentrating on this.

    1. Hi Murali, Sure, When we get to discuss security of an web applications, we will discuss about authentication and authorization.

  15. Thanks a lot Venkat for the quick response.........
    :) :) :)

  16. i m unable to download video tutorial pls give me youtube link for others video tutorial i have gotten bt tutorial dont get it

  17. Hi Venkat,

    This is chandu,your videos are very have provided the link for sql server session state mode in your blog but there is no source for it in your youtube channel to which you have redirected in the link

    plese look into this and correct it


    1. Hi Chandu, thank you very much for bringing to my attention, about the missing video. The play list is now updated with the video. Thank you very much for your time.

  18. Hi venkat,

    This is chandu, Thanks for ur quick response

  19. hi Mr Venkat
    i have almost watched all ur vidoes and am very thankfull. i have a request
    can u please help me with the web server with a more explaination than Video Part 9

    if you reply soon i will be honoured

    Thanks alot.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. HI venkat,

    I watched all the vedioes ,please provide the videos on webservices and wcf with some realtime examples as soon as possible. please cover this topics first .
    i am eagarly waiting for your response

  22. Hi venkat,

    Your vedios are helping me alot, .
    Recently i faced one question that "suppose if i have devloped webapplication and deployed in iis server then hosted in internet domain they have provided some url(credentials,ipaddress). then client makes a request to an application how it will be propogated.

    please look into this provide me answer

  23. Hai Sir
    after viewing your teaching videos . i got confidence on me. am happy of you sir , with wholehearted am Thanking You Sir .Sir can you please record advance concepts like WCF , Ajax, jqurey please sir ,it would be most beneficial to your students like us.
    from your loving and sincere student

  24. Sir g tusi great ho g!!!
    these stuff of videos help me much more
    the illustration is very pritty
    i humbly request you Sir G
    please upload video series about WCF and WPF
    i shall be thank full to you

  25. Hi Venkat,

    Are you planning on any videos on data bound controls like repeater,data list, form view , gridview etc ?

    As i am very curious to know which of the above controls to use(during decision making process) for displaying the data.


    1. Hi Rohan, Yes, we will be discussing about gridview, datalist, and repeater controls. Please stay tuned in.

    2. yeah! can't wait for those. i get confused adding a details view to a grid view, then a template, etc.

  26. hai sir,this videos are really very useful............can please upload videos regarding how to use reports in using c#............It may help all of us..............

    thank very mush sir.............

  27. Hello sir,

    Could you please post some videos on Asp.Net TreeView Control and functionalities.

  28. hi sir,
    congratulations for reaching 100th video in tutorials.

  29. hai sir ,videos are really helpfull to me.....i am watching your videos daily.please can also post some videos regarding listview,formview,detailsview.

    thank you sir

  30. Hi Venkat,
    your videos are very helf full for me
    Please provide the videos on wcf , webservices and mvc first.
    why iam asking this means most of the openings now on this only.
    I am eagarly waitng for ur replay

  31. Hi MR.Venkat
    First of all I want to Thank you for your Precious/HELPFULL Toturials
    and I am wordless .
    i have a request i need to print a reciept like stuff in can you please help me out at least , you can suggest me some website / tutorial . i found some articles and downloaded the code as well and it works fine , but i don't want to use it without understanding it .

    if you reply i will be very much thankful ..

    Thanks Again..

    1. Hi Thomas, There are several ways to print a web form. In general the following are the steps
      1. Create a printer-friendly version of the page. That is, create a page based on how the end user wants the receipt look & feel. Remove the unnecessary hyperlinks, buttons etc.
      2. Open this printer-friendly page in a new window using javascript function. Do this when the user clicks on the "Print Preview" or "Print" button on the webform.
      3. Finally, from with-in printer-friendly page, invoke window.print javaScript function, which inturn will invoke the browser's Print dialog box.

      I hope this helps.

    2. thanks alot and happy new year ,
      I am so glad that replied thanks again.

      only thing i am not sure is java script is enabled on the client machine or not
      if not then will this method do ?..

      thanks again for your great support .
      May You and your Family be blessed and protected every time.

    3. Hi Thomas, thanks for the wishes and I wish you the same. May this 2013, make all your dreams come true.

      You are right, if javascript is disabled, it won't work. However, you can detect if javascipt is enabled or disabled on the client machine, and if javascript is disabled we can let the user know, that all the features of the system may not be available. If you are not sure on how to detect, if javascript is enabled, stay tuned, and I will record a video as soon as I can.

    4. Hi MR.Venkat

      I dont know how to thank you and i am wordless . i am sure no one (subscriber) on your Channel/Blog can ever thank you and for me i leave it to ALMIGHTY and pray HE pay you back with Honour , Peace and all the Blesses and thing you need in here and hereafter . Amen

      Thanks Alot..

  32. I trust u had a great year.On this New Year may happiness and contentment fill your life.wish you and your family a happy and prosperous 2013

    1. Thank you very much yogaraj, and I wish you the same.

  33. Hai SIR
    This is Srikanth ,sir could you please solve my doubt i.e I deployed website in IIS while browsing am geting error as Google Chrome could not connect to localhost
    am using visulstudio 2008 and o/s is windows7 ,
    for deploying i followed (ur class vedio part-82) procedure.why am geting error is not unstanding pls clarify sir.
    i will be waiting for ur Reply

  34. Hi venkat,

    your videos are very pricise and helping me alot .please explain the lamda expression and anonimous methods if have time.

  35. A lot of thanks Sir G!
    that you have replied me!
    But Sir G please WCF and WPF as soon as possible, its my humbly request. one thing i want to ask sir G that if we catch clear concept form these videos tutorial(Which is very easy) then we'll be able to work in modern software houses with new technology?
    if not then please Guide me how is possible that we remain up-to-date
    once again i am very thank full to you and appreciate your struggles!
    May GOD help you to continue your services and bless you with the wealth of health!!!

  36. Hi
    Sir G
    if you have time then please upload the tutorial about Crystal Reporting
    i shall be very thank full Sir G!

  37. hi Brother

    Can we Encrypt our smtp setting in web.config file as we do with the connection strings .

    thanks alot .

  38. HiVenkat,

    what is th pupose of AutoEventWireup attribute and if have a time explain all the attributes present in pagedirective


  39. Hi Venkat sir,

    I am Remya living in Reading,UK. I have leaned lot of things from your website. Thanks for the precious videos.
    I came to know that you have 10 years experience and you are in London. I am a recent graduate and looking for a job in .Net. I need some advice from you... is there any way to contact you? I have subscribed already. I look forward hearing from you.

  40. Hi Venkat,

    This chandu,I am watching your videos.those are helping me alot.
    try to make sure the video clarity while recording because last three posts and Yesterdays sql server vedio clarity was very poor
    its appering like a blurred image. If possibble try to improve the video clarity of upcoming videos .Its my sincer request

    Thanks& Regards

    1. Hi Chandu, I have uploaded HD quality videos. The quality you get when watching depends on your internet speed. However, you can change the quality to HD using the change quality button that is present in the lower right corner of the youtube player. I hope this helps.

    2. Thnkx venkat it might be because of internet speed problem i think

  41. Hi Venkat,

    You have gone back to SQL videos, i hope you are not done with video series; as i am looking forward to many more of your videos on


  42. Hi Venkat,

    Happy pongal to u and your family members.I am expecting more videos from you


    1. Hi, Thank you very much and I wish you the same. Don't worry I will resume recording concepts again. We will have to discuss a lot more concepts in ASP.NET

  43. Hai sir can u pls upload wcf and ajax concepts

  44. Hi Venkat,

    Thanks for sharing the valuable videos with nice explanation. Can you please add more on data binding concepts also.


  45. Hi sir G!
    Sir G please Reply.
    i requested sir g plaese up load the video tutorial
    of Reporting And Crystal Reporting

  46. Hi Venkat,

    Thanks a lot.your way of present the things are great.
    i googling a lot for WCF and MVC tutorial in Internet,but there are no such good tutorials as yours.
    so its humble request,please upload the WCF and MVC Turorial.


  47. hi,
    your videos are some helpfull to understand.
    can you provide the wcf videos also plz..


  48. HI venkat,

    Thnak you for switching back to tutorial
    please cover the videos on wcf and mvc if u have a time

  49. very nice and helpful videos.and very nice way of teaching.

  50. Hi Venkat,

    My name is also venkat.I have 4yrs exp in Technical support.Now i got interested in Dotnet and i completed the course also.My staff taught me dotnet using webapplications(Not in console or windows)Now i want to work with some programs using webapplications suggest me and also projects...Thank u

  51. Doing something like this for free and just for the welfare of others is commendable.
    The world really needs more people like you Sir!

  52. Hi venkat,

    "Happy Republic day"
    This is chandu .i got few doubts while reading few doubts while practising if you have a time please record the video or give me reply here only
    1) why structer is inherting from interfaces and why not it is inherting from classes?
    2) where we will use structers in real time apart from (primitive data types )?
    3) what is the intention of designing structers as sealed types by default

    1. by mistake i have typed "while reading few doubts"
      actually it was "while reading few articles"

  53. Hi Venkat!

    This is Ashish.Sir,i had made request to you regarding uploading the video about DataView.Actually sir, i wrote wrong DataView instead of DataList.But Afterwards i got to know that video related to DataList is already there in series of videos.

  54. Hi Mr.Venkat

    can u please help me to understand what actually Component Object Model (COM) concept is, i tried but it seem to be a bit explanation worthy .

    I request you to kindly help me out

    thanks alot.

  55. Hello,
    After Graduation I started to work in a University, Turkey. They given me a web applcation project. This is my first project. when i get problem i started to learn from youtube. I found your tutorial giving good training. now im learning..
    thank you,

  56. Hi Venkat,

    I am from Quebec, Canada.
    First, thank you very much for all these video series! they are very helpful for me. I d like to know if you can do a video serie on "how to do a simple content management system in using SQL server as db.



  57. Hi Sir,

    This is phenomenal.
    please upload some videos on site.master i dont understand whats its use in web applications.


  58. Hi Venkat,

    This is chandu, I have one doubt on caching .
    1)Is caching data avilable for all the users or specific user who
    has made a request?
    2)is it depends on location attribute?


  59. Hi Venkat,
    First of all I'm Abhishek and
    Your Videos are really good and amazing... :D
    I'm having one doubt:
    [1] I want to retrieve Image from database in Image Control using ASP.Net with C#.
    I've stored the images in database successfully but at time of retrieving I don't know wat to do... :-(
    Please Help me Out...

  60. HI sir G
    sir G please explain that the new series of the asp videos either it is part of asp or it is new one?
    and please also illustrate the new features in Visual Studio 2012?

  61. Thanks ! its really helpful to understand those who are fresher or new into software

  62. Your videos are really very useful. Is the subscription of your videos free

  63. Could please post a video on how to upload website on companies website

  64. You sir, are an excellent teacher! I want to thank you for you skills and generosity!

  65. hello Venkat sir, i am Showbhik, i am from a non-technical back ground but i am a managing director of a IT company based in Kolkata. Recently i am watching your videos and i am able to understand your simple way of teaching, your dedicated approach in this field is surely to help and encourage and shine unlimited talents all over the world, you have become an ready to reference guide in our daily lives, may god bless you and may you continue to help us with your expertise. I shall feel very honored and deeply touched if u just say hi and wishes all you best to our small organization "Shreeja technology solution (P) Ltd.

    1. Hi Showbhik, Thank you very much for the feedback. I am really glad and honoured, that these videos are useful to you. Good Luck. Thanks again.

  66. Hi Sir,

    Please provide a video of event bubbling in gridview control.

  67. Hi Venkat Sir,

    I am Aditya.I am new in IT.Your videos help me a lot.I am realy grateful to you.If it is possible, Could you please upload some videos of WCF,WPF,Silverlight and LINQ.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Aditya Shekhar

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    This is Karthik.Venkat sir 1st of all heart-full thanks for your videos and explanation.Sir could you plzzz provide video explanation on " 4.0 entity framework" and "3-tire architecture" in detail....

  69. Hi Venkat,

    I have not seen such detailed tutorials on Dot Net so far. After watching your videos, I feel so confident on the basics of Dot net and c#. Thank you so much for recording these videos. If possible, can you do any videos on Javascript, JQuery, MVC?


  70. Hi Venkat

    I am a fan of your videos.I was wondering what is the difference between an website and a web application and how to incorporate various cascaded style sheets into a web application.

    Also please explain the difference between MVC and 3 tier architecture and what effect do they have on the performance of an application.

    Thanks.Looking forward to the reply.

  71. Aslam-u-Alikum Sir !!
    Sir iam to much fan of you sir iam watching your videos i have learnt alots of things but sir now iam trying to send email and i have made same program which u have done in your video but when i send email iam getting Error which is ..
    The SMTP server requires a secure connection or the client was not authenticated. The server response was: 5.5.1 Authentication Required.
    Sir i have search this error at google but iam not getting solution Please Sir help me ..
    Sir i have made This Method
    private void sendEmail(String bodyMessage)
    MailMessage message = new MailMessage("","");
    message.Subject = "Testing Email from c# ";
    message.Body = bodyMessage;

    SmtpClient client = new SmtpClient("",587);
    client.Credentials = new System.Net.NetworkCredential()
    UserName = "",

    client.EnableSsl = true;
    Sir iam waiting your response Please sir help me
    May God Bless you..

  72. Hello and like everyone has mentioned I enjoyed your videos and they are extremely useful and helpful

    I am developing a an ASP.NET Web Application and I and stuck between using the CreateNewUserWizard or your version of using forms authentication to validate users. The CreateNewUserWizard seem to bloat my entire project with tons of Code and I do not know what is going on.

    My problem is when I add your code: I get an error message in Visual Studio 2012 .Net 4.5; that FormsAuthentication.Authenticate is obsolete.
    Is there an alternative if I can use without using the CreateNewUserWizard?

    Are there risk to using your method with this error message?

    Thank you so much.


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    Ur tutorials is very nice.It easy to understand...Kindly provide tutorials for WCF and WPF ..Its very helpful for all of us ..

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  75. Hi Sir,

    Please explain diffrence between difference between WebForm1.aspx and Default.aspx

  76. Hi ,
    I was asked if the in catch block we write server.transfer will the control goto finally.
    If yes how?

    1. Hi,
      As per my knowledge,
      suppose u have written the sever.trasfer("virtualpath") in catch block.if there is an exception then only control enter
      into catch block and server.transfer will exectes and it navigates to specified virtual path and then control comes back to finally block and executes code written in finally blcok.
      finally block is guarntees to execute whehter there is an exception or not
      If any thing wrong venkat sir will correct it

  77. Hi venkat,
    Thank you very much for your effort. This videos are very informative and easy to understand indeed.

    When do we use isCallback,isCrossppagepostback properties of page ?and why all the events are declared protected? If u have time please let me know the answer.And one more thing Is mvc series has completed? from last 5 days we have not found any i thought it was completed.i think still you need to cover some of the concepts in mvc if it was completed. right?
    these videos are helping us a lot.
    as per my view most of the companies seeking this skills ASP.NET MVC+Entity Framework+LINQ+Ajax+Jquery+any one database
    Any way thanks once again , i am waiting for your Response

  78. Hi Venkat,

    First off all thanks for ur video tutorial.
    Actually i am a regular visitor of ur videos.
    I am having one question can u upload its answer video....thanks in advance.
    Actually i am trying to create one hrms project and i want to put the timer, whenever a user will login he/she can see one signin button if he/she will sign in that timer will start and it marks their in punch time now user can logout but timer should run untill he again login and signout that timer, after signout out punch time would be noticed and according to that there attendance should be calculated.....please help....

  79. Hi Venkat,

    Thanks for your video have never seen such tutorial video with great academic depth precision and good pedagogy.

    Explaining the why do you do what you do each and every time and then show it with a practical example that the viewer can reproduce at the same time is one of the best approach.

    The difference between your videos and rest is that you are really explaining in an academic way very theoretical concept, while still being understandable and show practical example of theoretical concept.You explain it in such a simple way that everyone can understand.

    I really enjoyed watching your tutorial it helped me a lot.

    A little critic while approaching the End of your video tutorial in your are copy pasting a lot of code and then explainning it.
    Somehow I think it is better pedagogy to write it while explaining, this way the viewer is forced to be active and write at the same pace more or less than you are explaining, and this way the viewer also practice a lot more like that is becoming used to the syntax and logic of coding it's especially true for a beginner who's not used to code yet.

    Anyway your work is just great keep up the good work

    1. Hi, Thank you very much for taking time to give feedback. Sure, I will continue to type code rather than pasting it.

  80. Sir i want to make a shopping cart application.i searched internet lot but i cant understand and find the scratch concept of shopping cart which tells what and why like database designing, classes,controls and all the basic concepts. know controls well i can use it too but only thing i want is u r guidance.i help will be appreciated sir thanks.
    with Regards

  81. Hi Venkat,

    I have a suggestion. Often in development several tables are involved in a given query. For example: a contact/Person may have more than one phone number or email address which is stored in a second table or one to many relationship. So how would you read the person with 0-many phone numbers with an ADO reader. the phone table may have
    tblPhome{ id, type of number (cell,work,home), number, PersonId(relation)}.
    tblPerson{id, name,...}.
    Problem: how to retrieve with ADO.reader with a variable number of entries from tblPhone?

    It would be helpful to record a video on this more complex yet common type scenario.
    Thank you Joe Kriebel

  82. Hello Mr Venkat

    you are the most thorough teacher I have ever came across. You explain something, you come back to it and you repeat yourself over and over again. This kind of teaching really resonate with me and i'm sure with many people. Your teaching style made something obvious to me, every student has a great potential to learn, but for those who don't get it the first may fall behind in the classroom. Not because there not smart but because they need a different style of teaching. And you offer that. You talk to people and help them understand instead of simply going through a lesson.
    I have to tell you that you serve an incredible service to humanity and you deserve to get a noble price. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with others.


  83. Hi Venkat,

    I am creating a web application which uses form authentication features. I want to implement the concept of session time out and 2 minute warning. I am bit confused regarding how-to implement this concept, which programming method should I used like normal, jquery etc. I am not too good in jquery or javascript. I want to implement session time out concept with alert message which show Ok to continue and End to end session. When user click on Ok all his data wouldn’t lose. Also, data will not lose until user doesn’t click on either of those two options (OK and End).

    I refer number of blog on google and collected important points like:
     Form Time out should be greater than Session Time
     Use View State = True for all user entry fields
     Use call back instead of post back

    But nothing gives me clear understanding of what should I used and how should I implement all this features. My web application had grown in size and I need to add these features globally. How should I do that?

  84. Hi Venkat,

    I was developing windows forms applications and needed to move to web. But i was really confused from where i could start. While searching in Internet for a tutorial i found your video tutorials. They helped me a lot to come to the track and now im learning all things from the basics step by step. And planning for 70-515 within coming weeks.

    I am really grateful for the great work and the really appreciate how you have committed to prepare these tutorials. Please carry on the good work and keep it up.

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    Can you please provide vedios on topics such as :-
    1.)how to do debugging to fix error in dotnet using break point.
    2.)how to create crystal report & subreport & pass parameters to it.

    Thank You Sir...

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    I cant thank you enough. I have paid thousands of dollars everywhere , but I can say that your videos have given me more knowledge than any of those training sessions.

    You are amazing !

  88. ohk no worry sir i got ur video..... its in gridview part 34.

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    May God bless you for your Good work done.
    I think we need people like you to teach in our institutions in Ghana. Make it your plan to visit us and impact some of your God blessed knowledge to us.


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  92. Hello Mr. Venkat,
    Could you please upload slides/videos for creating the separate application domain within the application. Also about how to use one application domain's assembly in another application domain. I want to know this because the any runtime error or exception should not affect other application domain.
    Thanks in advance for any help.

  93. Hello Sir,
    I have a Query for fetching the data from two or more table..

    i have 3 tables like tblProd for products, tblCustomer for customers, tblDetails for the product and customer details...

    in tblproduct table all products details stored..

    tblDetails contais the 4 columns like CustId int, ProdId nvarchar(MAX),

    ProdId is stores the ID of all products as a string like 2,4,1,5,6,

    now i want to display all the products details of tblProduct in gridview..

  94. Hi Sir,

    Your job is a great one. You have the best tutorial on the YouTube, that cover the most important aspects in this domain. Your work is realy appreciated by all of your online students including me.

    Can I ask you to finish this tutorial with a real web application (e-commerce for example), from creating moment to publish it on the web or deliver to the client?

    Thank you a lot.

  95. Hi
    How to switch language and direction from ltr and rtl
    ==> from APP code ==> basepage of all content from master pages,
    include language entry from users I mean ( select the text content from database depend of last language chosen )and resx and sitemap at one click event of radio button list
    Out put is
    menu - button controls ets.. - content from database all should be changed layout
    English to Arabic to China or whatever...
    Thank you...

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    please explain url routing 4.0 for web application

  97. Sir,could you please tell how to swap images when a user clicks a button by using asp control only and not ajax controls.
    I have watched your part 135 of tutorials but you have used ajax control there.
    Sir,lets i have 4 images,when i click on next button the 2nd image should come in place of first and 3rd image should come in place of 2nd image and so on.
    Sir Please do reply.
    A follower of your videos..

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    How Can I access the web application from specific client machine based on ip address of client Machine?

    Please Help Me

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    I am thankful to you, I got lot of knowledge by your video lectures.
    Sir have any video lectures about HTML5 and CSS3

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    Please tell us how we can donate you and do put a link to donations on your videos.
    Thanks vinkat.

    1. Hi , Here is the link to donate to kud venkat sir.

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    Best explanation of each and every concept I have ever seen.

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    You cover every aspect of the topic you choose.

    Thanks Venkat

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    I am Chetan
    Venkat Sir..
    I am beginner in .i am recently develop website which require payment gateway integrate .Sir plz record payment gateway video tutorial..

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    I saw the video of Number 68 application state real time example. In this session the application variable is incremented by the session start and also decremented by the session end with its timeout property,

    But when I logout from my application I expire a session by the session.abandon() But at that time the application variable is not decremented by the 1. In my application I need this functioning that when I logout from the application with the session.abandon(), the application variable should also be decremented by the 1. Please help and reply asap...

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    why you not have video of audio save and fetch to database

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    ASP.NET ,c# ,SQL my most favorite languages ...........i keep learning from you even though i knew all these, becoz the way you teaching..............

    thank thank thank thank thanks a lot.............

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    Your Vedios are very helpfull for me. Thanks for your Good Effort.

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    I have loaded the two tables into the listbox when i select any tablename the data should reflect in the grid view control only one table data is coming i.e., first. when im using Datagrid view same code is working fine.. Can you provide the solution for this or any alternative. Kindly let me know the reason..

    DataSet ds;
    protected void Button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    SqlConnection cn = new SqlConnection("User Id=sa;password=123;Database=saikumar1;server=.");
    SqlDataAdapter da = new SqlDataAdapter("select * from Names3", cn);
    SqlDataAdapter da1 = new SqlDataAdapter("select * from Names1", cn);
    ds = new DataSet();
    da.Fill(ds, "Names3");
    da1.Fill(ds, "Names1");
    GridView1.DataSource = ds.Tables[0];
    foreach (DataTable dt in ds.Tables)


    protected void ListBox1_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
    GridView1.DataSource = ds.Tables[ListBox1.SelectedItem.ToString()];

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    how to manage license of webform with expiry date.

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    Is there any video or tutorials regarding Accessibility on ASP.Net?

    I not getting how to make application accessible to disabilities people. please suggest me on this..
    (mailID :

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    Is there any way to access client side dll in to server side application? I want to access the methods of dll into server side c# code and this dll is located in all client PCs. It is an application for bank emplyees, so whenever employee login this dll methods will be executed. right now we are accessing those methods in Javascript through ACtiveX Control, but unfortunately ActiveX supports only IE. we want it to support multiple browsers. but even after a lot of research unable to find solution. Kindly suggest me how i can proceed.

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