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LINQ Tutorial


  1. Hi Venkat please discuss WCF Security,JSON,Rest Service & Design pattern

  2. can u please upload linq to entities videos

  3. Hi sir can u please upload videos on reporting ,testing and SDLC videos

  4. How to make small project using sql server database in SharePoint.

  5. Dim foundemp = From emp In mylink.MainDBs
    Where emp.IqamaNo.ToString.StartsWith(SearchText.Text)
    Select emp
    Dear Mr. Venkat,
    Good Day
    i am continuous viewer of your lessons, i have pasted a linq to sql query in in which iqamano is float , but results is always zero.
    pls help me to solve this problem.

  6. Hi i am trying to get data from sqlserver db by using linq, I am passing datetime object in where clause but its not returning any data please help.. Positing my linq query.

    var sdate = Convert.ToDateTime("13/01/2016");
    var outerRecord = (from c in vtconnect.mastervt_backup.Take(100)
    where (c.Dated >= sdate)
    select c).ToList();

    Class Property:
    public Nullable Dated { get; set; }

    i am using datafirst approach of entity framework.

    I also want to know that is there any way i can change data type of my autogenerated entity, without updating my model.

    Please help..... Ravinder


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