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Free ADO.NET Video Tutorial

  1. What is ADO.NET
  2. SQLConnection object in ADO.NET
  3. Storing and retrieving connection strings from web.config
  4. SqlCommand in
  5. Sql injection tutorial
  6. Sql injection prevention
  7. Calling a stored procedure with output parameters
  8. SqlDataReader object in ADO.NET
  9. SqlDataReader object's NextResult() method
  10. SqlDataAdapter in ADO.NET
  11. DataSet in ASP.NET
  12. Caching dataset in
  13. What is SqlCommandBuilder
  14. Sqlcommandbuilder update not working
  15. Disconnected data access in
  16. Dataset.rejectchanges and dataset.acceptchanges methods
  17. Strongly typed datasets
  18. Load xml data into sql server table using sqlbulkcopy
  19. Copying data from one table to another table using SqlBulkCopy
  20. SqlBulkCopy NotifyAfter Example
  21. Transactions in ADO.NET


  1. Hello Venkat,
    Thank you so much doing the videos and the execises covering ASP.Net, ADO.Net and SQl all together. Which gives us more hands on, and understand very well. god bless you my friend.

  2. Hello sir videos was good can you upload video related to web services and LINQ and Entity Framework

  3. Sir,You are doing great job and these videos helped me a lot.Thank You very Much.Sir please upload video related to DataView in ASP.NET.

  4. First, thank you for the videos. I hope you would add a tutorial to how to save the data back to the database after updating the dataset. Thanks again.

  5. Please do also a video tutorial on how to insert data in multiple tables.Thanks!

  6. hi venkat thanx for giving such a great support for asp dot net.
    Sir if possible upload some videos on WCF .......i go through your interview question for wcf but some of the thing i didnt catch .so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....upload some videos on wcf

  7. Yes VENKAT you are doing great job...... thanks a lot for these videos...... I am waiting for videos on WCF, MVC, Web Services,
    LINQ and Entity Framework..........

  8. Hello Venkat sir ....Can you give me examples to store a image in the database and binding it gridview control

    Thank you sir

  9. Hi Venkat,
    I watched hundreds of videos of hundreds of people so far on dotnet including you. I can say with confidence yours are above all. Be proud. Thank you so much for all of your videos, material and effort.
    Thank you once again.

  10. please if you make good videos for LINQ and EF it is better cuz those new technology for

  11. Hi Venkat,

    Your videos are just awesome. Can you please upload OLEDB(for MS excel) videos.

  12. Hi venkat , can you please share the examples that uses parameterised query to retrieve data for WHERE and LIKE Clauses...

    The parametrised query forks fine for all the scenarios ,but when it comes for WHERE clause that takes comma seperated values,it wont work..can you please help us..

    Ex: select xyz from abc were xyz in (@param1);

    where param1 takes 100,101,102 as params. Please remember I want the method to be generic whic works for all scenarios..

  13. Sir , Can u plz share video related to DataBase ADO.NET (With Advance Query and procedure concepts) Complete all types of Programs With C#.Net for desktop application

  14. Hi Venkat,

    Your Videos are excellent, and they way you are explaining is great. Please add how to do perfect three tier architecture project.

    1. Hi Bhaskar, sure, I will record and upload videos on n-tier architecture very soon.

      I have organised all the ASP .NET, C#, and SQL Server video tutorials in to playlists, which could be useful to you.

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      May I ask you for a favour. I want these tutorials to be helpful for as many people as possible. Please free to share the link with your friends and family who you think would also benefit from them.

      Good Luck

    2. I am just on the last ADO.NET video. Your style and the way you explain the topics is simply excellent. More please :-)

  15. Thank you Very Much Sir for this Great Effort... this will Surly Fruitful :-)

  16. Your Video tutorials are Excellent.If you upload more videos on Ado.Net Entity Framework it will be very helpful.

  17. Dear Venkat, your videos are superb. I am university student and getting too much benifit from your vidoes even giving to my fellows as well. But all of us have request that we need Videos on Share Point. You know this area is very hot now a days and there is too much requirement of this. Can you please start for share point videos ASAP. We all of us are thankful to you....

  18. Thank you venkat, is ther any video than explains all layers(business, data access, presentation) in details?

  19. Hi Venkat,

    Hope you doing well.

    Your videos are great! The love the way you explain the concepts.

    Can you please let me know if you also have videos on SSIS??

    If yes, can you please help to share the link for the same.

    Awaiting your response.

  20. Hi Venkate,
    Thanks For your videos. can you please upload some videos on DataTable and LINQ(all verities like simple query to join query and all possible attributes that are used in linq query like .first)

  21. Hi Venkat ,
    this work made by you is really fantastic.
    i am very much benefited with this all stuff, i could only say thank you very much.

  22. Hi Venkat Sir,
    Today ask question in interview,
    Real time example when to use connection model & disconnected model.
    In case of connection oriented model,
    How many no of connetions are available to access database at a time.
    if you use connection oriented model & more then 6000 user access database at a time.then what you are going to do.

  23. Hi Venkate,
    i like ur videos so much they help me alot .can u please upload a video that give the difference between datatable,dateset,dataadaptor,datareader and when to use datatable.

  24. Hi Venkat Sir!
    Can you please suggest me a C# code for accessing ConnectionString from App.Config file. just like we access from web.config file.
    thank you!!

  25. Venkat Sir

    Really thank you so much for teaching us in the best way. None can be teach me as the easiest and this fine way, so thank you once again.


  26. Hello Sir,

    Can you give me solution on Autopostback in Calender Control....

    I want to insert records in my database in same date but its not working first record is inserted but when i inserted second record at that time That dates was invisible or selected...

    Please give me a solution on that..Please..

  27. Dear Venkat,

    I will appreciate if you could please hightlight on the way of defining the sqlDataReader class; so, it does not have even default construct.

    Thanks a lot.

  28. Sir Thanks ,Could you make a video how we can save multiple address for a single user in the database table for single clicking of a button for example once the button click the list of address should be saved in the database for a single user.;

  29. is there any video for sql helper dbbrigde ..your videos is very helpful thanks for all

  30. sir, just out of curiosity.. if i go through all your video series and learn them.. is that enough for being a developer of standards.. or still there is more to learn..?? really likes to know..thanks in advance..

  31. Hi venkat sir,
    This is Ramana Reddy,
    Please share videos on ajax and ajaxcontroltoolkit.i am waiting for that videos.your videos are very good and nice.

  32. Thank you Venkat for the video lesson.I am a .net beginner.I have gone through various sites but none of them clear my concepts.Thankfully i found your site.Its amazing.The way you explain ,you taught....m very grateful to you.Thnx a lot..:)

  33. Hello Venkat ,
    Could you please add Video to Load Excel data into SQL Table using C#

  34. Hello sir,can you please upload a video of how to make a complete project in .net from beginning to will help to the freshers like me.

  35. Can You please upload a video of Datatable in ADO.NET..

  36. Please Sir, I need to read data from excel sheet and insert data into a stored procedure.
    Can any body show me example please help

  37. Hello sir,
    Thank u so much..I learned so many things from Ur's my humble request if possible then can u pls upload more videos like file uploading,video uploading,email confirmation,password recovery in MVC using ADO.Net(not using entity framework)
    Thanks in advance..

  38. Hello venkat sir,
    Pls make a video on Dataset copy and dataset clone,why we use them and when.?

  39. This is Awesome. Thank you so much Mr Venkat. God will always bless u and increase your knowledge. you really safes me of Thounsands of Naira

  40. Thank you sir..I'm grateful for your hard work.Theses materials absolutely helpful for any one who begins with,SQL and c#. Now a days no one will give anything for that way you are an amazing person.all the best for your future!!

  41. I'm really glad to say Thank you for these fully deep concepts, i feel like learned through highly qualified Academy.

  42. Sir Why we use SqLParameters?

  43. Hi Venkat You Are the Best Teacher in The World Of Programming

  44. can u provide react js tutorials


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