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Response.Redirect in - Part 52

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The following are the different page navigation techniques in

1. Hyperlink control - Discussed in Part 13 and Part 51 of the ASP.NET video series
2. Response.Redirect 
3. Server.Transfer 
4. Server.Execute
5. Cross-Page postback
6. Window.Open 

In this video, We will discuss about Response.Redirect. Response.Redirect is similar to clicking on a hyperlink. The Hyperlink control does not expose any server side events. So when the user clicks on a hyperlink, there is no server side event to intercept the click.

So, if you want to intercept a click event in code, use the Button, LinkButton or the ImageButton server control. In the button click event, call Response.Redirect() method. When the user clicks the button, the web server receives, a request for redirection. The server then sends a response header to the client. The client then automatically issues a new GET request to the web server. The web server will then serve the new page. So, in short, Response.Redirect causes 2 request/response cycles.
Response.Redirect in

Also, note that when Response.Redirect is used the URL in the address bar changes and the browser history is maintained.

Response.Redirect() can be used to navigate pages/websites on the same web server or on a different web server.


  1. Hi Venkat,

    what is the difference between Response.Redirect ("URL", true) and Response.Redirect ("URL", False).
    Also what is the concept behind Response.RedirectParmanent .

    Thanks in advance


    1. true - url replaces the current document in the history list.
      false - url creates a new entry in the history list.

    2. response.redirect true means it doesn't execute the that is written after response.redirect like this
      int i=0;

      false is opposite to it

  2. True - will terminate execution of current page
    false - will not terminate execution of current page

  3. When I using response redirect my database does not get update or data does not get insert on database using Form-view insert command. How can I redirect to another page but make sure that before being redirect the data gets insert? thanks in advance!


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