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Different page navigation techniques in - Part 51

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What are the different page navigation techniques in
How do you move from one webform to another webform in
How do you link pages in an application?  

This is a very common interview question in There are several techniques to navigate between webforms in as listed below.

1. Hyperlink control - Is used to navigate to another page. The page you want to navigate to is specified by the NavigateURL property. Using hyperlink, you can navigate to another page with in the same application or to an external web site. The hyperlink control is rendered as an HTML anchor tag. We have discussed in detail about the HyperLink control in Part 13 of ASP.NET video series. 
2. Response.Redirect 
3. Server.Transfer 
4. Server.Execute
5. Cross-Page postback
6. Window.Open 

We will discuss about the rest of the page navigation techniques in the subsequent videos.

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