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Free dot net video tutorials for beginners

This is Dot Net basics video tutorial suitable for beginners, freshers and experienced developers, who would like to learn .NET.

In this videos we cover concepts related to dot net program execution, Strong naming assemblies, ILDASM and ILASM, concepts related to global assembly cache, the algorithm that is used to load the correct assemblies during program execution, DLL hell and it's solution.

If you are familiar with these concepts a lot of .net interview questions can also be easily answered.

All these videos are hosted on youtube. I have created a playlist, which makes it easy to find all the videos in a logical sequence. Click here, if you prefer to watch them directly on youtube, using the playlist.
Dot Net Basics Playlist

I record and post videos, on a daily basis. If you would like to receive email alerts, when new videos are uploaded, please subscribe to my youtube channel using the link below.

This tutorial contains both video lectures and text versions. If you find these helpful, and if you think they can also help your friends and family, please feel free to share on facebook, twitter and Google Plus.

DotNet Videos:

  1. Dot Net Program Execution
  3. Strong naming an assembly
  4. GAC
  5. How .NET finds the assemblies
  6. DLL Hell
  7. DLL Hell solution


  1. hello i am new to dot net .this site is usefull for
    all the people .can u post the linq and entiy frame work videos


  2. Hey Venkat,Kudos to you!!!!

    I really appreciate you help to the community by offering usefull knowledge in form of videos....


  3. sir, can you please upload wcf,wpf & web services...

  4. Hi Venkat,

    I am a C# programmer for over a year now. I love your videos because they have taught me things that I did know or understood. Can you upload videos on MVC 4 or later, Razor, Entity Frameworks, Design patterns, and SOLID principles for Object Oriented programming and Design using C#.


    1. Hi Andy, Thank you very much for the feedback. I will surely record the videos on the topics you mentioned as soon as I can. If you want to receive email alerts when new videos are uploaded, please subscribe to my youtube channel at the following link.

      ADO.NET, ASP.NET, C# and SQL Server Video Tutorial

  5. hey venkat can u pls provide the video of wcf tutorial video series and the masterpage concept using css and html .. that would be gr8

  6. and if kindly provide thta as soon as possible that would be very good for all the viewers .thanks

  7. Sir

  8. Hi Venkat,
    You have an amazing style of teaching, it is so easy to understand what you teach. You have done a great job by helping so many learners like me. Seriously! spreading the knowledge is the best thing some one can give to the humanity. I have become a big fan of you; that I could not stop myself to give feedback! which I never did before in my life. Please provide me your email address: I am here in UK, where are you in india or UK? (

  9. Hi Venkat, I am Vishnu, and I am a beginner to DotNet.
    I have gone through your DotNet Videos and those are superb.
    The way the concepts are demonstrated, is very impressive and is easy to grasp for me being a beginner.
    Could you please upload more videos on DotNet?
    Thank you very much for the knowledge sharing.

  10. Hi Venkat,

    All these videos are very helpful.

    Could you please upload a video on how garbage collector works in .net

    Thank you very much....

  11. Hi Venkat,

    All of your videos regarding DOT NET are really Good and helpful.

    Here is a small request from me, is it possible for you to post some videos related to 3-tier architecture,MasterPage and CSS.

    Thank You

  12. hello sir,
    i am really confused on a topic that whether .net is platform dependent or independent because in many sites it is mentioned that it is platform dependent and in many sites independent so plz clear me....

  13. sir, i want hep on registries as i am very new to registry, adding subkeys in the registry, adding your application name to the windows explorer and make supported file extensions to be played by that application and the icon of the icon to be changed to your application icon. for like media player...providing support to extensions to be played in your custom media player......

  14. Hello Sir,
    I am Lateef, thanks a lot for your tutorial on dot net and sql.
    in sql i learn too much about sql server basic and intermediate also,
    can i have or does you updated any other tutor on dot net except these 7 seven tutor?
    once again thanks a lot for which you are shared.

  15. i think there should be one section for daily assignment like questions related to any topic u taught.this will create more interest of student and at the end of the day publish the video and text solution which will be helpful to students allthought your all videos are wonderfull.this is the simple idea of mine for learning technology more passionately

  16. Hello Venkat,

    Can you please also upload OOPS concepts with examples? Your tutorials gave me confidence in learning .NET.

    Thank you.

  17. hello sir ,
    can u tell me how to get IP Address,MAC address and PC name from the clients who visits my web page to log to my database I tried few codes which works on my local machine,but when i deploy on to the server it doesn't work.....
    please provide me some suggestion if you can.....
    thank u!!!!

  18. i just want thanks to you for sharing ur knowledge wich is help to many of us like me who is not very good programmer but want to learn ASP.NET to be good programmer..

  19. You are simply Superb and Awesome Venkat I am very much impressed with your work
    I have three years of Industrial Experience and very much interested in learning dot net related technologies like ASP.Net MVC, WCF but I don't get enough time to google and learn but your videos has solved that problem and You have superb collection of videos.

    I thank you very much for serving free and educating million people

  20. Hi sir,
    sir you are really amazing...what we can't understand by reading theory,we can get it by means of watching videos of same...that you did it for all those who would love to learn Dot net.Thank you a lottt...

  21. Hi,
    Your videos will be really great for my career.
    Can you please also upload new features of dot net framework with examples?
    Thanks a lot.
    Keep rocking..

  22. Seriously you have done a great job with your videos...Really appreciate it!!

    I am so glad that I had a chance to learn a lot from your videos and I promise to continue the same until you stop uploading videos....Thanks a lot _/\_

  23. I dont have any words for Feedback.
    Great Teaching style
    Great Example
    Great Presentation
    and Good Pronunciation for indian people
    I hope you upload Crystal Report with Visual Studio very soon

  24. Hi venkat can you please upload the slides which you use during tutorials for pointer, that will be really helpful.

  25. Where do get code samples for WCF videos
    Thanks the videos are awesome

  26. Hi Venkat,
    I am new learner of your videos ,
    Your explanation is simply awesome . please upload the videos related to UDDI .
    Also think of the employees who are seeking for the job and try to provide any task through online if possible .

    Simply saying thanks will not enough , as all do the same .
    Instead i would say , God will give a long life to post new videos . Which would save lot of the employees who seek Job (including me) . :)

  27. sir how to retrieve selected check box field from database and display in gridview
    plz guide me sir

  28. Hi Venkat,
    Your videos make me to crack the interviews. Thanks for alot for your hard work to prepare the videos.

  29. Hello Venkat,
    Your Videos are really worth watching and explains very nicely. I would suggest to keep bookmarked and subscribe your channel to learn basics of various Software Technologies

  30. Hello Sir,
    I totally appreciate your hardwork and dedication. Initially it was difficult for me to code as being a student due to some other problems I have I could not spend time and money on learning but now I find it quite used to it just because of the practical knowledge I have learnt from your videos. Your hardwork will always be remembered and I will thoroughly study from your videos and blogs and will get back to you thank you so much Sir.

  31. Hi Venkat ,I like the way u explain and many peoples are following your video sessions ,thanks a lot for doing this excellent job.

  32. This is really very helpful videos and Blog for all developer.there are very concept which explain in depth..i read and follow

  33. This is really very helpful Tutorial for the beginners....thnx a lot for make it that simple

  34. Hello sir,
    I am new to and I want to know how to build the application with Layered approach. As it is very important for application. Can you please upload video related to the same Application Development with Layered approach

  35. Hi,Venkat I have seen your videos on dot net. Its superb.
    I have 3 years of experience in dot net but i did not know lot of things but now its cleared. Hope that i get more and more from you

  36. Hi Venkat I'm Really very much Exciting to start learn c# .net after watch .net basics (Really awesome and encourage me to go ahead ).

  37. Hi Venkat.I Really felt good about your videos.which Really thought from scratch..Since i Watch some of the videos only so far ..but as far as the videos Watched i feel these are awesome...It Really makes learning very easy compared to courses offered by makes self learning a new path..

  38. Really help me alot sir..Thank you so much for a wonderful videos
    you are doing a great job!!!!!!

  39. Thank you very much, Venkat. I placed in a reputed MNC (in fortune 100 ) company, by learning dot net through your collection of videos

  40. Hello Venkat Sir,
    Hello Sir i am just amazed by watching your videos. Your teaching style is really good. You explain each and every thing in a proper manner with a examples. I learn so much of from yours Thanks a lot venkat sir. If you are aware about the sharepoint microsoft technology please upload the sharepoint videos
    Thanks in Advance Sir Thank you so much

  41. Hallo Venkat,

    Thanks for videos, its very helpfull and I watch it every day and learn.
    I wanna pass MS Exam for MVC, so do I have to watch and learn ASP.NET or I can skip it? Thanks for advice

  42. Hello Venkat,

    I am network engineer by profession, and now i want to learn to make small web applications like querying databases or active directory. I have never done programming before except few courses in University (in which i was poor, that's why i choose networking field) :-).

    Please suggest where to start ? Which language to i learn first before starting DotNet.

  43. These basics are very important concepts of .NET.

    If you want to be dot NET programmer then FIRST listen to these videos before jumping to learn rest.

    I enjoyed watching all the 7 videos and concepts are explained very well. I recommend to others.

    Thanks for educating the community and appreciate your volunteership.

    Thanks a lot

  44. Hii guys

    pls anyone upload how to write a program in VB to search pdf files from my computer

  45. Hello sir if possible plz upload webdesigning courses also

  46. Please do a video on dependency injection

  47. Hy sir..........!! I never seen such a Teacher like in my whole life i am wordless in fact from such a excellent knowledge you are serving the humanity .I SOLUTE YOU SIR STAY BLESSED

  48. Hello Sir, I have a question for which i am not able to get an appropriate answer.
    Where are the value types inside a reference type variable i.e an object is stored in the memory?
    My points are
    1> "value types are stored on the stack", but we cant declare value types independently.
    2> "reference types are stored in the heap", so where are the value types that these objects hold stored?
    3> if in this case value types are stored in the heap, then the statement "value types are stored in the stack" is completely invalid.

    I have in dilemma for couple of weeks now. Please shine some knowledge about this.

  49. Hi Venkat sir,

    All your videos are simply awsome even 1 st standard student can learn easily.thanks for sharing knowledge..

  50. Hello sir , I am new to .net
    Please let me know is it a prerequiste to laern before learning mvc from the job point of view .

  51. Venkat:

    I love your videos. Do you have any videos on coding Excel Pivot Tables in C# or VB.NET? In addition, do you have a set of VB.NET videos?


    Joe Rufft

  52. hello sir,

    I am from technical support background.
    Can you let me know in which sequence i should follow this videos in order to learn this technology

    1. The following is the order
      1. C#
      2. Dot Net Basics
      3. SQL Server
      4. ADO .NET
      5. ASP .NET
      6. GridView tutorial
      7. MVC
      8. WCF
      9. Entity Framework
      10. LINQ
      11. LINQ to XML
      12. LINQ to SQL
      13. Chart Control
      14. JavaScript
      15. JavaScript with ASP .NET
      16. jQuery
      17. AngularJS
      18. Angular 2
      19. Angular CLI
      20. Angular CRUD
      21. MS Test Unit Testing
      22. ASP .NET Web API
      23. Design Patterns
      24. SOLID Design Principles

    2. According to my opinion venkat is the best teacher in the world i learn too many things. but sir i think Before MVC we should have to learn the Entity Framework. beacuse i am learning mvc without entity framework it's a little bit difficult.. so i prefer to learn entity than mvc

  53. sir can u explain oops concept

  54. hi sir
    i am from mechanical background
    can u sujest me to learn this software
    i am fresher to these softwares

  55. Hello Venkat,

    Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful .Net videos. The way you are teaching is so clear that i didn't experience such teaching before from anybody. I wish you all the best and keep sharing the knowledge.


  56. Hello sir
    Thank you very much for the Videos sharing
    please upload more videos on DotNet.

  57. Hello Sir,

    Can you please make a tutorial on httpmodule and httphandler in

  58. Hello Sir,

    I am new to .Net.
    I went through the large variety of material you have uploaded, from that can you suggest where should I start?
    I followed few videos for SSMS and C# as there is an extensive use of it in my work, but I feel my basics are not that strong to understand the core part of the individual project.
    It will be great help if you can suggest me some of your video series as a starting point to get good command on it.
    Thank you in advance.

  59. Hi venkat,
    On the basis of tutorial 163, I am trying to populate tree view in vb.NET from SQL Server data table. But in vb. Net recussive function is asking for return value and at the time adding child node i.e. treeNode.ChildNode.Add (ChildTreeNode), givig error ChildNode is not a member windows.treeview. please help me to solve this. Regards


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