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ASP.NET Web Services Tutorial

  1. Introduction to Web Services
  2. Consuming a Web Service
  3. Using session state in a Web Service
  4. WebMethod attribute properties
  5. WebMethod overloading in web services
  6. Calling web service from javascript using ajax
  7. Real time example of calling live weather forecast web service


  1. Sir Pls upload AJAX tutorial

  2. Sir your effort is really helpful for us, currently i am working in an organization. So there ajax, jquery and MVP(Model View Presenter) are extensively used. Can u please provide some tutorial for clear understading

  3. Hi Sir, i am big fan of you. Your Teaching Style is awesome. I am currently working as a Senior Software Developer and the work assigned to me is Related to Web Services. i have listen all your above given lectures but its not more than enough, that i can say i am expert in web services. i am facing number of issues relevant to web.config, for both client and server side. on both http or https. basically i am facing issues in https configurations. Please upload some relevance guideline lectures for these kind of issues. Thanks

  4. Every one has different type of study sttyle. some are comfortable in reading books.some like practical. This is awesome style. i was studying in Ducat at noida.
    very hardly i complete my course. but i was nill/sannata in my study. but from this i have learnt so much .new concepts and many more.
    now i am teaching as well .
    my best wishes will be always with you ......faiz

  5. The above code is not working in vs2012 ..... can any one tell whts the reason

  6. i was Consuming a Web Service .. but i was unable to create a web application inside a web application.. to consume a calculator service. can you please tell how to do this..

  7. I will appreciate if you could explain the procedure of using a web service in Excel. Your style of teaching and course material are excellent.

  8. sir your tutorials are very nice.sir kindly upload the tutorials of oracle database


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