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ASP.NET Web Services Slides


  1. Hi Venkat,
    I'm Raghavendra. I've one problem with my web service. Actually I've developed a windows application software developed in VS 2008. Client has asked to make that application to only work for 30 days later he has to buy the software.

    For that reason I've used a php web service and added in my application as a reference to check the date of installation in machine with that of server date. Earlier it went on very well and no problem occured.
    But 2 days before my client told error is happening.

    I've checked in my system and clicked on Update service but it shows error. When I tried to add it again it shows error as
    "The HTML document does not contain Web service discovery information."
    in both VS2008 and 2010
    This is the web service which I've used in my windows application:

    Please respond to me ASAP sir.
    Awaiting for your quick reply

  2. Hi Venkat,

    Can you please give us a decent tutorial on Web APIs. (Authentication and Authorization)

  3. Hi Venkat,

    Can we add Jquery file to webservice and how?

  4. Hi Venkat

    Your all tutorial covers whole concepts. Could you please add WCF tutorial also.

  5. hi , Just finished the first 2 asp web service tutorials and i think you are a great teacher.
    Excellent stuff, you made it well organized and clear.
    Thank you so much


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