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ASP.NET core razor pages course wrap up

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This is Part 35 and the last video in this ASP.NET core razor pages tutorial.

Why use ASP.NET core razor pages framework

ASP.NET Core Razor Pages framework is a new technology to build page-focused web applications quicker and more efficiently with clean separation of concerns. Razor pages are introduced in .NET Core 2.0. It is lightweight, flexible and provides the developer the full control over the rendered HTML. 

The recommendation from Microsoft is to use razor pages if we are building a Web UI (i.e web pages) and ASP.NET Core MVC if we are building a Web API. 

Download source code and setup the project to run on your local machine

Download the project source code from the following URL

Download RazorPagesTutorial.rar file.

razor pages project download

Extract the project source code and open the solution file using Visual Studio 2019.

Execute the following command from Visual Studio Package Manager Console. Make sure you have selected the web project (RazorPagesTutorial) from the Default project dropdownlist. This creates the database and applies all the migrations.


After the command completes, run the project using CTRL + F5 core tutorial for beginners


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