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Save image to database using

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In this video we will discuss how to save images to database table using and c#.

Save image to database using

When upload button is clicked, the image should be uploaded to a database table and "View Uploaded Image" link should appear. When you click on this link we should load the image from the database and display it on the web page.

upload image to database

In this video we will discuss how to upload the image to the database. In our next video we will discuss how to download the image from the database and display it on the web page.

Step 1 : Create table tblImages. This table stores the uploaded images along with it's name and size in bytes.

Create table tblImages
    Id int primary key identity,
    Name nvarchar(255),
    Size int,
    ImageData varbinary(max)

Step 2 : Create stored procedure to insert image data 

Create procedure spUploadImage
@Name nvarchar(255),
@Size int,
@ImageData varbinary(max),
@NewId int output
    Insert into tblImages
    values (@Name, @Size, @ImageData)

    Select @NewId = SCOPE_IDENTITY()

Step 3 : Create new web application project. Name it Demo. 

Step 4 : Include a connection string in the web.config file to your database.
<add name="DBCS"
  connectionString="server=.;database=SampleDB;integrated security=SSPI"/>

Step 5 : Add 2 WebForms to the ASP.NET project. Name them WebForm1.aspx and WebForm2.aspx.

Step 6 : Copy and paste the following HTML on WebForm1.aspx

<asp:FileUpload ID="FileUpload1" runat="server" />
<br /><br />
<asp:Button ID="btnUpload" runat="server" Text="Upload" OnClick="btnUpload_Click" />
<br /><br />
<asp:Label ID="lblMessage" runat="server"></asp:Label>
<br /><br />
<asp:HyperLink ID="hyperlink" runat="server">View Uploaded Image</asp:HyperLink>

Step 7 : Copy and paste the following code in WebForm1.aspx.cs

using System;
using System.Configuration;
using System.Data;
using System.Data.SqlClient;
using System.IO;
using System.Web;

namespace Demo
    public partial class WebForm1 : System.Web.UI.Page
        protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
            if (!IsPostBack)
                lblMessage.Visible = false;
                hyperlink.Visible = false;

        protected void btnUpload_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            HttpPostedFile postedFile = FileUpload1.PostedFile;
            string filename = Path.GetFileName(postedFile.FileName);
            string fileExtension = Path.GetExtension(filename);
            int fileSize = postedFile.ContentLength;

            if (fileExtension.ToLower() == ".jpg" || fileExtension.ToLower() == ".gif"
                || fileExtension.ToLower() == ".png" || fileExtension.ToLower() == ".bmp")
                Stream stream = postedFile.InputStream;
                BinaryReader binaryReader = new BinaryReader(stream);
                Byte[] bytes = binaryReader.ReadBytes((int)stream.Length);

                string cs = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["DBCS"].ConnectionString;
                using (SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection(cs))
                    SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("spUploadImage", con);
                    cmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;

                    SqlParameter paramName = new SqlParameter()
                        ParameterName = @"Name",
                        Value = filename

                    SqlParameter paramSize = new SqlParameter()
                        ParameterName = "@Size",
                        Value = fileSize

                    SqlParameter paramImageData = new SqlParameter()
                        ParameterName = "@ImageData",
                        Value = bytes

                    SqlParameter paramNewId = new SqlParameter()
                        ParameterName = "@NewId",
                        Value = -1,
                        Direction = ParameterDirection.Output


                    lblMessage.Visible = true;
                    lblMessage.ForeColor = System.Drawing.Color.Green;
                    lblMessage.Text = "Upload Successful";
                    hyperlink.Visible = true;
                    hyperlink.NavigateUrl = "~/WebForm2.aspx?Id=" +
                lblMessage.Visible = true;
                lblMessage.ForeColor = System.Drawing.Color.Red;
                lblMessage.Text = "Only images (.jpg, .png, .gif and .bmp) can be uploaded";
                hyperlink.Visible = false;

In our next video we will discuss how to download an image from the database and display it on the web page.


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