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Set and get multiple cookies in JavaScript

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In this video, we will discuss how to set and get multiple cookies in JavaScript. This is continuation to Part 69. Please watch Part 69 before proceeding.

javascript cookie multiple keys

When we click "Set Cookie" button we want to store the following 3 key-value pairs in 3 cookies.

When we click "Get Cookie" button we want to retrieve all the 3 key-value pairs from the 3 cookies

Modify the code in setCookie() function as shown below. 
function setCookie()
    document.cookie = "name=" + document.getElementById("txtName").value;
    document.cookie = "email=" + document.getElementById("txtEmail").value;
    document.cookie = "gender=" + document.getElementById("txtGender").value;

The above code creates 3 cookies and stores the 3 key-value pairs. At this point document.cookie property contains the following string
"name=Venkat;; gender=Male"

Now, modify the code in getCookie() function as shown below. 
function getCookie()
    if (document.cookie.length != 0)
        var cookiesArray = document.cookie.split("; ");

        for (var i = 0; i < cookiesArray.length; i++)
            var nameValueArray = cookiesArray[i].split("=");

            if (nameValueArray[0] == "name")
                document.getElementById("txtName").value = nameValueArray[1];
            else if (nameValueArray[0] == "email")
                document.getElementById("txtEmail").value = nameValueArray[1];
            else if (nameValueArray[0] == "gender")
                document.getElementById("txtGender").value = nameValueArray[1];
        alert("Cookies not found");

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