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Dot Net written test questions and answers

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  1. const object obj = new object();
    is it valid or not ? justify.

  2. const object obj=new object(); //Invalid

    const are compile time constant. Since new is for memory allocation and that will be done at runtime compiler won't allow it.
    MSDN says the valid value for const type variables are constants i.e.1,"Venkat Sir",67.89(values which can be determined at compiled time) or null.Compiler will complain if you assign any other than this...

    With this thumb rule in mind any assignment whose decision is done at runtime is not allowed for constant e.g. const int Hour=DateTime.Now.Hour is ERROR.

    However change the statement to readonly object obj=new object();//Valid
    because readonly are runtime constant.

    I knew this because some geek asked me the difference between const and readonly and i was beginner(2 years back)......I feel good to realize that i took that question seriously and answered it today. Some small concepts always helps.

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