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Part 4 - Command window in visual studio

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To get to command window
1. View - Other Windows - Command Window
2. Keyboard shortcut - Ctrl + W, A

Command window is used to execute commands or aliases in the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE).

For example, to get to "Open File" dialog box, with in the command window type
> File.OpenFile 

Please Note: of is alias for File.OpenFile

Another way to get to "Open File" dialog box is to use the keyboard shortcut - Ctrl + O. Behind the scene the command File.OpenFile gets executed. 

The Command Window offers a command-prompt style interaction with the visual studio IDE. Many developers prefer to use the keyboard shortcuts over typing commands in command window, as all of the commands can also be executed indirectly using keyboard shortcut keys.

Some commands also expects parameters to be passed. For example, if you want to open a specific file, then, pass the name of the file as a parameter to the command. For example to open Program.cs file
>File.OpenFile C:\Client\Client\Program.cs
>of C:\Client\Client\Program.cs

Similarly, to get to "Open Project" dialog box, 
With in the command window type > File.OpenProject OR > op
Use keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + O

To clear the items in the command window

visual studio tips and tricks tutorial

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