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Part 69 - Action filters in mvc

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What are action filters in mvc?
Action filters are attributes that can be applied either on a controller action method or on a controller. When applied at the controller level, they are applicable for all actions within that controller. Action filters allow us to add, pre and post processing logic to an action method. This means, they allow us to modify the way in which an action is executed.

Name a few action filters in mvc?

We will discuss each of these action filters in detail in our upcoming videos.

Can you create a custom action filter in mvc?
Yes, we will discuss this in a later video session.

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  1. Nice and i want one more example in mvc how to post back dropdown list selectedindex change event and fill another dropdown list please give me one full plezed
    video tutorial on it,it will help full to how to do form postback in mvc using jquery


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