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Part 26 - C# Tutorial - Why Properties

Part 26 - C# Tutorial - Why Properties or What is the need for encapsulation


  1. Your explanation on your videos is one of best I've seen, better than most paid courses.

    My lecturer spent 2 minutes explaining this (which didn't make sense) after watching your video now I actually get it.


  2. your most of the videos are on console application
    can you upload some web apps

  3. Hi Please check tutorial for web applications. Please use the link below.

  4. Thank you Venkat sir your amazing Explanation in all videos i love it please provide us some newly updated videos also like knockout js with mvc and

    Thank you

  5. Ur a great teacher I repect u sir from bottom of my hear.Thanx for all videos that u made.I learned alot from it.

  6. Ur explanation is very good. Any one can easily understand. I have never seen this type of explanation. Please upload some small projects of dotnet.


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