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Part 27 - C# Tutorial - Properties in C#

Part 27 - C# Tutorial - Properties in C#


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  2. Hi Venkat,

    A little doubt here.

    What is the difference when we do not use getter and setter and when we use auto-implemented properties.

    Afterall we can make any changes to the fields from outside when we use auto-implemented properties, then why we use extra two words i.e., get; and set;


    Chandrakant Kumar

  3. auto implemented get and set should be used only when there is no custom logic required in the get and set. Also with auto implemented get n set, the compiler automatically creates the private field in memory for public x { get; set; }

  4. Hi Venkat,

    Can you please explain the difference between auto implemented properties and public fields.

  5. Can AnyOne Describe That What is Actual Definition Of Properties?


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