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Part 28 - C# Tutorial - Structs in C#

Part 28 - C# Tutorial - Structs


  1. Hi Venkat,

    I have a small doubt here. In the above program you have not defined any Default constructor. But how are you using the default constructor? when I try the same program I am getting an error. Please explain.

    1. hope u got answer if not please watch next video as its not class its struct the cant and dnt need explicit default constructor

  2. Thank you Venkat,

    Your videos are very useful.
    Ive learn a lot so far and Im excited to keep watching and learning .

  3. hi Venkat,
    when i am using private fields with public properties i am getting access to fields as intellisense is giving me the access. I would like to know why intellisense is giving me the access to private fields?


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