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Handling 404 error in razor pages project

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In this video we will discuss handling 404 errors in an core razor pages project.

Consider the following OnGet() action. 

public IActionResult OnGet(int id)
    Employee = employeeRepository.GetEmployee(id);

    if(Employee == null)
        return RedirectToPage("/NotFound");

    return Page();

  • If the employee with the specified ID is not found, the request is redirected to NotFound razor page using RedirectToPage() method.
  • OnGet() method return type is IActionResult, where as RedirectToPage() method returns RedirectToPageResult. This is OK because RedirectToPageResult implements IActionResult.
  • If the employee with the specified ID is found we want to re-render the same page. This is done by the Page() method. Page() method returns PageResult which also implements IActionResult interface.
  • Changing the return type of OnGet() action from void to IActionResult allows us to return different result types that implement IActionResult interface. core iactionresult interface

NotFound razor page

    ViewData["Title"] = "NotFound";

<h1>The resource you are looking for cannot be found</h1>
<a asp-page="/Employees/Index" class="btn btn-primary">
    Click here to go back to Home
</a> core razor pages tutorial

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