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Angular CRUD course wrap up and what's next

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This is Part 71 and the final video of this Angular CRUD course

We have covered a lot of ground in this course. We have learnt many angular concepts that we were not able to cover in Angular 2 course. Including this video, there are 71 Videos and the duration is around 12 hours.

I hope you have enjoyed this course as much as I did creating it. We have used Angular version 5 in this course.

Resources you need for this course

Download the complete project source code

Instructions to run the AngularCrud project

Angular CRUD playlist

Angular CRUD - Text Articles and Slides

Download videos and slides for offline viewing

As there are different versions of Angular, a common question that I keep getting is - Which version should I use to start learning Angular

The first version of Angular is officially called AngularJS. However, some people call it Angular 1 or Angular JS 1, but it's officially called AngularJS. Starting from version 2, it is called just Angular and not AngularJS. The latest version as of this recording is Angular 6. So the following are the different Angular versions.
  • AngularJS
  • Angular 2
  • Angular 4
  • Angular 5
  • Angular 6
To understand the differences between these versions and why Angular 3 is skipped please check out the following video.

There is a massive difference between AngularJS and the rest of the Angular versions (i.e Angular 2, 4, 5, & 6)

However, there is no much difference between Angular 2, Angular 4, Angular 5 and Angular 6. The way we build angular applications using Angular 2, 4, 5 or 6 is very identical. We use the same approach and programming constructs.

As part of your job, If you know you will be working on and supporting an application that was built using the initial AngularJS version, then I suggest learn AngularJS

Otherwise, start with Angular 2. Here is the link to Angular 2 playlist. This course duration is 7.5 hours and covers all the basic concepts of Angular.

I believe Angular CLI is a great tool to increase your productivity. So I suggest learn Angular CLI as well.

Once you are comfortable with the concepts discussed in Angular 2 course and Angular CLI. Start with Angular CRUD tutorial at the following link.

In this Angular CRUD course we are using Angular 5. Though this course uses Angular 5, we still build angular applications the same way ,as we have built them using Angular 2. The newer Angular versions have some new features introduced. In this Angular CRUD course we will discuss all those angular concepts we were not able to cover in Angular 2 course. Hope you will find these resources useful to start learning Angular.

What's Next ?
We will start a new angular course and in the project that we will build as part of this new course, we will use the latest version of Angular which as of this recording is Angular 6. In this new course we will cover all those angular concepts we were not able to cover in Angular 2 and Angular CRUD courses. Some of the concepts that we will discuss in this new Angular course are below
  • Reactive Forms
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • HTTP Interceptors
  • Angular Unit Testing
  • Lazy loading modules etc.
If you have a concept in mind that you want us to include in this new course, please leave it as a comment on this video. We will do our best to have it included in this course.

If you find our courses useful, it would be a great help and honour, if you can share these free resources with your friends and family who could benefit as well.

angular crud tutorial


  1. Please show Upload large files (With real time progress bar) and download with get and post.

  2. Thank You Sir, It will be a great help for us. we are waiting for Angular 6 course.
    I am one of your proud student.

  3. Sir please make some tutorials stuff on React JS or React Native with ASP.NET

  4. Hello Dear Venkat,

    Than you for your excellent tutorials.

    Please create tutorial about how to use angular with MVC.


  5. how to upload image from angular to database using webaPI

  6. Hello Dear Venkat
    Your job is the best trainer to me. I have been working IT more than 20 years . I am very sure the great value to contribute to person working in the industry. One suggestion here is it is better to update the last couple of lesson about Rxjs. it is not easy to follow it up. Thanks again. happy new year to your team


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