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Angular 2 course wrap up and what's next

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In this video we will wrap up Angular 2 course and also get an idea of what we plan to do next.

So far in this Angular 2 course we discussed all the basics of Angular 2 framework. We have discussed
  • What is a component
  • Creating a component and a nested component
  • Passing data between parent and child components using component input and output properties
  • Different ways of applying styles to components
  • We also discussed interpolation, property, class, style and event bindings
  • How angular two way data binding keeps component class properties and HTML element values in sync
  • Using angular structural directives ngIf and ngFor
  • Transform data before display using built-in angular pipes and creating our own custom pipes
  • How to create custom types for the business objects that we create in a real-world application like Employee, Customer, Order, etc using the TypeScript interfaces
  • Component Life Cycle Hooks
  • Creating a service that retrieves data from a remote web service
  • Using Bootstrap to style Angular components
  • How routing works in angular and passing parameters to routes
  • What is Dependency Injection and how it is implemented in Angular
  • How to work with Observables and Promises in Angular

As you have seen throughout the course, Angular provides consistent set of patterns for creating components, pipes and services. As we already discussed in our previous video, from a developer standpoint, there is no much difference between Angular 2 and Angular 4. The way we create an angular application is very identical whether we use Angular 2 or Angular 4 version. Angular 4 is simply the next version of Angular 2. All the angular concepts that we have learnt so far as part of this course are still valid, and we can still use those same concepts to build angular applications using Angular version 4.

So here is what we plan to do next
A short course on a tool called Angular CLI. Angular CLI is a command line tool, that help us create, build and test angular applications faster and with great consistency while following angular conventions and  best practices. This tool generates the boiler plate code in no time for components, directives, pipes, services etc. I personally think Angular CLI is an extremely useful tool and every angular developer should know how to use it as it greatly improves our productivity when developing angular application. As part of this short course on Angular CLI, we will learn everything we need to know to effectively and efficiently use this tool to improve our productivity while still following angular best practices and conventions.

So, once we are comfortable with this Angular CLI tool. We will use it to create a brand new Angular 4 project from scratch. As part of this project we will learn 
How to perform CRUD (i.e Create, Read, Update & Delete) operations in Angular. To learn all these CRUD operations we will create a form that looks as shown below. Along the way we also discuss form validation and working with different HTML elements like textboxes, radio buttons, checkboxes, select list etc. We will also discuss using third party form controls like Datepicker, Rating control etc.
angular 2 crash course

If you have a comment, question or would like us to include any other angular concept in our upcoming courses, please leave them as comments on this video and we will surely include them.

So please stay tuned for our upcoming new angular courses.

Angular 2 tutorial for beginners


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