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Number Systems - Geometrical Method

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Steps to represent √x on the number line:
  1. Draw a line and mark point A.
  2. Mark a point B on the line such that AB=x units
  3. From B at unit distance mark point C.
  4. Find mid-point of AC and mark it as O.
  5. Draw a semi- circle with radius O and radius OC.
  6. Draw a line perpendicular to AC at point B, passing through and intersecting semi-circle at D. Length BD  is equal to  √x.
  7. Now BD as radius and B as centre draw an arc it cuts number line at a point say E, distance from B to E represents √x.

Represent √9.3 on the number line [NCERT]
Represent √10.25 on the number line

Representing real number on the number line

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class 9 cbse number system

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