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Number Systems - Representing Irrational Numbers on number line

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In this tutorial we will discuss
  • How to represent  irrational numbers on number line
  • Inserting an irrational number

Representing Numbers on Number line: To represent a number on number  line follow the steps given below:

  1. Draw number line and mark numbers.
  2. To represent √2 construct right angle triangle,with base= perpendicular= 1 unit then hypotenuse represents  √2.
  3. With O as centre and hypotenuse as radius draw a circle it cuts number line at a point mark this as ‘C’ Distance from ‘O’ to ‘C’  represents √2 i.e OC= √2
  4. To represent √3 consider base as √2 and perpendicular= 1 construct right angle triangle  and follow the same steps as above.

Number Systems - Representing Irrational Numbers on number line

number systems irrational numbers decimals

Inserting An Irrational number:
  1. Find an irrational and rational number between 0.23 and 0.24
  2. Find two irrational  numbers between 1.123123123…………  and 1.125125125……
  3. Find an irrational number between 3 ½ and 5 1/2 
irrational numbers on the number line

class 9 cbse number system

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