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Case sensitivity with angularjs ui-router

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In this video we will discuss how to make routes that are configured using ui-router case-insensitive.

The routes that are configured using ui-router are case sensitive by default. For example, consider the state below. Notice the url (/home) is lowercase.

    .state("home", {
        templateUrl: "Templates/home.html",
        controller: "homeController",
        controllerAs: "homeCtrl"

If we type the following URL in the browser, we will see home.html as expected.

If you type the following URL, then you will see a blank layout page. This is because, by default routes are case-sensitive

To make the routes case-insensitive inject $urlMatcherFactoryProvider service into the config() function and call caseInsensitive(true) function passing a value of true.

var app = angular
            .module("Demo", ["ui.router"])
            .config(function ($urlMatcherFactoryProvider) {

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