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In this video we will discuss UNPIVOT operator in SQL Server. 

PIVOT operator turns ROWS into COLUMNS, where as UNPIVOT turns COLUMNS into ROWS.

We discussed PIVOT operator in Part 54 of SQL Server tutorial. Please watch Part 54 before proceeding.

Let us understand UNPIVOT with an example. We will use the following tblProductSales table in this demo.

unpivot in sql server example

SQL Script to create tblProductSales table 
Create Table tblProductSales
 SalesAgent nvarchar(50),
 India int,
 US int,
 UK int

Insert into tblProductSales values ('David', 960, 520, 360)
Insert into tblProductSales values ('John', 970, 540, 800)

Write a query to turn COLUMNS into ROWS. The result of the query should be as shown below.
sql server unpivot example

SELECT SalesAgent, Country, SalesAmount
FROM tblProductSales
       FOR Country IN (India, US ,UK)
) AS UnpivotExample

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