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Debugging JavaScript in chrome

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To debug JavaScript in Google chrome use developer tools.

To launch Developer Tools in Google chrome
1. Click on Customise and Control Google chrome button on the top right corner of the browser window
2. From the More tools option, select Developer tools

Alternatively you can also use the keyboard shortcut F12

You can find JavaScript errors if any in the developer tools.
Debugging JavaScript in chrome

Use the Console tab in the developer tools to find the source file of the JavaScript that caused the error. This will also tell you the line number of the error.
console tab in google chrome

Click on the JavaScript file name in the Console tab. This will open the JavaScript file in the Sources tab and underlines the line that caused the error with a red squiggly.
debugging javascript in google chrome

Setting breakpoints in Google Chrome : To set a breakpoint, simply click on the grey margin where you see line numbers in the Sources tab.

A blue tag appears indicating that a breakpoint is set. At this point if you reload the page, the breakpoint should be hit and you should be able to 

Step thru the code using the following keyboard shortcuts
Step over - F10
Step into - F11
Step out - Shift + F11
Continue - F8

You can also use the following buttons in the Developer tools to step thru the code instead of using the keyboard shortcuts.
step through code in google chrome

To remove a breakpoint simply click on the grey margin again.

Setting a conditional breakpoint : To set a conditional breakpoint, right click on the grey margin and select "Add conditional breakpoint". You can then specify the condition that should be true for the breakpoint to be hit.

Call stack panel : The Call Stack panel displays the complete execution path.
call stack panel in google chrome

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