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How to check if cookies are enabled

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In this video we will discuss, how to check if cookies are enabled.

Most websites rely on browser cookies being enabled. For example, if you have disabled cookies and if you try to log into, you will receive an error message saying - Oops! Your browser seems to have cookies disabled. Make sure cookies are enabled or try opening a new browser window. 

How to check if cookies are enabled

The following JavaScript code detects if cookies are enabled. Most modern browser's support navigator.cookieEnabled property. 

This property returns true if cookies are enabled and false if cookies are disabled. Some old browsers don't support this property. 

For those browsers that don't support navigator.cookieEnabled property, we are setting "mytestcookie" and then reading again to make sure cookies are enabled. If we are not able to read "mytestcookie" then we know that cookies are disabled.

<div id="msg"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
    function cookiesEnabled()
        var cookiesEnabled = (navigator.cookieEnabled) ? true : false;

        if (typeof navigator.cookieEnabled == "undefined" && !cookiesEnabled)
            document.cookie = "mytestcookie";
            cookiesEnabled = (document.cookie.indexOf("mytestcookie") != -1) ? true : false;

        return cookiesEnabled;

    if (cookiesEnabled())
        document.getElementById("msg").innerHTML = "Cookies enabled";
        document.getElementById("msg").innerHTML = "Cookies disabled";

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