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Part 1 - What is Entity Framework

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  1. Hello Pragim, I love your videos but I have a big problem :

    I cannot make the EntityDataSource work - I am receiving the following error :

    This version of the Entity Data Source wizard is only compatible with Entity Framework 5. If you’re not using Entity Framework 5 you can configure the control by editing the markup on the page. The page editor has IntelliSense support for ASP.NET controls. If you’re using Entity Framework 6 you should also be using the EF6-compatible version of the Entity Data Source control, available as the Microsoft.AspNetEntityDataSource package in NuGet.

    Pragim, please advise me : what tool can I use ? or what can I do to make this work - I really want to do all your videos but I am stuck at the first part.

    Thank you


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