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Part 87 - Advantages and disadvantages of multithreading

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In this video we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of multithreading. This is continuation to Part 86. Please watch Part 86 before proceeding.

Advantages of multithreading:
1. To maintain a responsive user interface
2. To make efficient use of processor time while waiting for I/O operations to complete.
3. To split large, CPU-bound tasks to be processed simultaneously on a machine that has multiple CPUs/cores.

Disadvantages of multithreading:
1. On a single-core/processor machine threading can affect performance negatively as there is overhead involved with context-switching.
2. Have to write more lines of code to accomplish the same task.
3. Multithreaded applications are difficult to write, understand, debug and maintain.

Please Note: Only use multithreading when the advantages of doing so outweigh the disadvantages.


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    What is the Java-Script-Objec-tNotation (JASON)?
    if you think suitable then please illustrate a tutorial on it.
    I shall be very thank full to you!!!

  2. JSON is a basically a notation of instances of objects so you can send an object of an example employee from a c# server to a php server.
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