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Part 7 - Real time example of calling live weather forecast web service


  1. venkat Garu,

    i have small doubt. webservices are not hosted. with out hosting how we can comsume. suppose we open one service right click the .asmx file view in browser then only service is running right. if we close that one also. we can consume the service and using how it is possible. can you clarify my doubt. for instance :- suppose my service is running in http://localhost:4563://Addservice
    when i close paticular link also service is running. .

    1. In your case web service is hosted by visual studio built in web server. When you right click and select "view in browser" option, the web service is using visual studio built-in web server. Even when you close the browser, the built-in web server will still be running. If you want to stop it, on the task bar on the lower right hand corner of the screen, you will find ASP.NET Development Server. Right click on it and select "Stop". Hope this answers your question.


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