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Part 1 – Connecting to SQL Server


  1. Dear venkat,
    I Request to you Please tell me What is difference between Cte,Declared Table,Temparary Table When Use over other...

    Best Regards,
    Susheel Singh

    1. cte w call common table expression where we store the value of query in result and then same result we can use to get for multiple use


      with result_cte (col1,col2)
      select * from table name

      that query value will store in result then u can apply for next level for use.

      table is collection of row and colums . in database we create table to store value as per codd rules one field can have only one value and apply constrain part as well

      see simple table creation

      create table emp (id int)

      temparary table is making for temporary purpose . that is two type . if u use single # sign before table and crteate table then its known as loacal temp table and when we create ##sign for create table then we call as global table . both table store in temp system database .


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