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Part 58 - Razor views in mvc continued

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In this video, we will discuss razor view syntax. This is continuation to Part 57, so please watch Part 57, before proceeding.

Use @* *@ to comment in razor views
@*This is a comment
in razor views*@

Transition between c# expressions and literal text
    int day = 31;
    int month = 12;
    int year = 2013;

Date is @day-@month-@year

Date is 31-12-2013

Using explicit code nugget
@for (int i = 1; i <= 5; i++)
    <img src="~/Images/@(i).png" />

The above code generates the following HTML
<img src="/MVCDemo/Images/1.png" />
<img src="/MVCDemo/Images/2.png" />
<img src="/MVCDemo/Images/3.png" />
<img src="/MVCDemo/Images/4.png" />
<img src="/MVCDemo/Images/5.png" />

explicit code nugget

@ symbol is used as code delimiter in razor views. However, razor is smart enough to recognize the format of internet email address and not to treat the @ symbol as a code delimiter.
This is my email address<br />

Use @ symbol to escape @
I will meet you @@ office

I will meet you @ office

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