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Datagrid in - Part 1

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In this video, we will discuss about
1. The difference between datagrid and gridview controls
2. What to choose datagrid or gridview

Difference between DataGrid and GridView
1. DataGrid is introduced in 1.1 and is still supported today. GridView is introduced in 2.0. 
2. Declarative datasource controls can be used with DataGrid only for data selection. Tasks like paging, sorting, deletes and updates must be done in code. The GridView control can achieve all of these using the declarative datasource controls.
3. GridView introduces new column types.

What to choose datagrid or gridview
If you are using 2.0 or later, I personally suggest using gridview over datagrid control.

DataGrid control is not found in visual toolbox?
If you are using visual studio 2008 or later versions, by default DataGrid control is not shown in the visual studio toolbox. If you want the datagrid control, to appear in visual studio toolbox, follow these steps
1. Right click on toolbox, and select "Choose Items"
2. From "Choose Toolbox Items" dialog box, select "DataGrid" that is present in "System.Web" assembly. 
3. Finally click OK. You should now see "DataGrid" control in visual studio toolbox.


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    1. Hi, I will try and record WCF and WPF as soon as I can. After we are done with gridview tutorial, we will start with MVC, followed by WCF and then WPF. Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.

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    1. Hi Rohan, I will surely cover the rest of the databound controls mentioned by you.

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    1. Sure, in fact in real time, most of the time everything is done using code. Will record and upload few videos as soon as I can.

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