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What is ASP.NET - Part 1

ASP.NET is a Web application framework developed by Microsoft to build dynamic data driven Web applications and Web services
1. ASP.NET is a subset of .NET framework. In simple terms a framework is a collection of classes. 
2. ASP.NET is the successor to classic ASP (Active Server Pages).

What other technologies can be used to build web applications
1. PHP
2. Java
3. CGI
4. Ruby on Rails
5. Perl

What is a Web Application?
A web application is an application that is accessed by users using a web browser. Examples of web browsers include 
1. Microsoft Internet Explorer
2. Google Chrome
3. Mozilla FireFox
4. Apple Safari
5. Netscape Navigator

What are the advantages of Web applications?
1. Web Applications just need to be installed only on the web server, where as desktop applications need to be installed on every computer, where you want to access them.
2. Maintenance, support and patches are easier to provide.
3. Only a browser is required on the client machine to access a web application.
4. Accessible from anywhere, provided there is internet.
5. Cross Platform

How Web applications work?
1. Web applications work on client/server architecture
2. On the client all you need is a browser, that can understand HTML
3. On the server side, the Web application runs under Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)

How web applications work

When the client enters the URL of the web application in the browser, and submits the request. The web server which hosts the web application, receives the request. The request is then processed by the application. The application generates, the HTML and hands it over to the IIS (web server). Finally, IIS sends the generated HTML to the client, who made the initial request. The client browser will the interpret the HTML and displays the user interface. All this communication, happens over the internet using HTTP protocol. HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. A protocol is a set of rules that govern how two or more items communicate.


  1. Hello Venkat,
    Thank you for doing the Do you plan to have any videos on IIS sytem from Host side. I always have doubts and I don't have clear picture abt IIS. Your method of explaining clear my doubts on most of the stuff. Thanks

    1. Hi Maran, thank you very much for the feedback. At the moment I don't have any videos on IIS. Can you please let me know, what you are looking for as far as IIS is concerned. If, you are looking for creating a virtual directory and pointing that to a web application, and accessing the application thru that IIS, rather than using the visual studio built in development server. This is something, I am planning to cover in the very near future. Again, thank you very much for taking your time to give the feedback.

  2. Thanks Venkat for the reply .. Yes I am looking for the following content "creating a virtual directory and pointing that to a web application, and accessing the application thru that IIS"


    1. Hi Maran, I have created a video on configuring IIS to run web applications. Click the link below
      Configuring IIS to run web applications

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    can u show us pls how to configure iis to run asp application .u have shown configuring iis to run web it the same procedure?

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    1. just do inner join query from the table...
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  13. Hello.. sir..Please guide me how to bind data from two Tables in Repeater control??

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    1. Hi Vivek, I would recommend to learn C# first as this will help to better understand

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    1.USING C#.NE,ASP (web form) ,Oracle DB or sql ,first one preferred
    2.Design a customer interaction form (in two part: main and detail) AS BELOW

    Option for import the customer details(ID,NAME) in main part , (e-mail) in detail part in tab 1 from (Excel_sheet), group the customers based on nature of business(HW OR SW) while importing and manually in hierarchy level view(Tree view), drag and drop option to change the customer group or to trash it
    Option for User should able to schedule the meeting with customer’s calendar.
    User should able to interact with customers using E-Mail, SMS
    Make reusable (ocx) component for Save, function.
    Generate a dynamic report to selected different fields and layout.

    this is my requirement sir please make a video for this , i tried it but not getting yet so please sir help me i will remember you throughout my life,,,,,,,,,plz sir

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